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It's time for an update on Sundry of the Dead. Forget everything you thought you knew about zombies, because they now have access to new moves and tricks, making each of them even more unique. Don't dismiss the undead.
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Jun 29, 2020
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This epic zombie shooter title on the Android platform will have you completely hooked. Choose your favorite characters, grab your favorite guns, and prepare to face epic shooter challenges. You find yourself surrounded on all sides by deadly enemies.

Zombie Blast Crew MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In a zombie-infested world, humanity has little choice but to wait for heroes to arrive and save them. And you, as our only hope, will come and save the survivors by driving the zombies away with your superior shooting skills. Use your powerful and accurate shots to take them down. Join the Zombie Blast Crew and destroy your opponents.

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The game immerses Android players in a post-apocalyptic world where a devastating zombie outbreak has wiped out the majority of humanity’s populations. We’re now stranded in the devastated cities, with nothing to eat and nowhere to go, surrounded by the nasty monsters out there.

And the only thing we could do was wait for the army to come and save us. However, no army arrived, and the survivors are being terrorized by zombies. In these darkest hours, a hero emerges to fight the zombies. And you are that hero. Only you, armed with incredible firearms, can defeat the enemies and save the survivors.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone in your quest; other heroes have also risen to the occasion. And you’ll form your own Zombie Blast Crew to take on the evil zombies and drive them out. Prepare your crews for a series of exciting challenges and missions as you lead them through waves of zombies. You’ll fight and defeat the zombies gradually but steadily to create your own Zero Zombie Zone. Give the people something on which they can rely as you proceed.


All of the exciting features of the game can be found here:

Take back your town by completing a series of challenging levels.

Gamers in Zombie Blast Crew will also have access to the game’s fun and interesting zombie shooter levels as they progress through the game’s story. Explore a variety of levels, each with its own set-ups and environments, and complete various objectives and goals as you defeat enemies, progress through the game, and reach the final challenges. Defeat the enemies while collaborating with other heroes to reclaim your town. Make use of your survival instincts and epic gear to help you escape the zombie attacks.

Top-down shooter battles that are both intuitive and epic

To begin with, Android players in Zombie Blast Crew will become completely engrossed in the game’s epic and incredible shooter experiences. To effectively move your character around the maps, use the top-down view and intuitive controls. Take cover behind the random structures and easily fire back at the approaching zombies. In a series of incredible shooter gameplay, activate your boosters and powerful weapons as you fight back against the nasty zombies. Smooth controls and fluid animations will make the battles extremely addictive.

Use brilliant strategies to deal with each enemy.

For those who are interested, the game also includes a variety of different enemies in each of your missions. Depending on the enemies, you’ll need to bring specific sets of items and weapons, as well as specific heroes who can counter the enemies. As you approach and defeat your enemies in the game, use a variety of tactics. Fight in a stealthy manner on large maps with numerous enemies. Alternatively, plan an all-out assault to eliminate the zombies in a single sweep. The ultimate goal is to minimize casualties while effectively defeating the enemies.

There are hundreds of amazing weapons and gears to collect.

To spice up the fights, gamers in Zombie Blast Crew are introduced to a variety of interesting guns and gears that they can pick up and equip on their heroes. Each of them will have their own set of applications and specialties. It is your responsibility to determine which to carry and which to upgrade. Fight the enemies with your grenade launcher, flamethrower, assault rifle, or even the automated machine guns, which can attack your enemies without your intervention. You can always use the knife and machete to slice through your enemies for stealth and sneaky attacks.

Interesting bonuses to collect and use

As you engage in epic battles with your enemies, it’s critical to have a few boosters and buffs on hand to help you in crucial moments. Use them to effectively drive out your enemies and get out of difficult situations. Get your medkit to quickly heal your character, the clown box to scare off zombies, or even launch your own air strikes to eliminate the enemies.

Create your own roster of different heroes.

To deal with the hordes of zombies, a single hero is insufficient; you’ll need to enlist the help of others and work as a team to effectively take down the dangerous enemies. As a result, in Zombie Blast Crew, Android gamers will be introduced to an entire roster of different heroes, each with their own set of skills and abilities.

As a result, it is your responsibility to assemble a capable crew to deal with the enemies. Make your heroes scouts, hunters, warriors, and other team members. In certain missions, use your combined abilities to effectively take down the enemies.

Don’t forget about the critical upgrades available for both your heroes and their weapons. Choose the appropriate upgrades if you want to empower your team and make them far more effective against your opponents. Upgrade your firepower and sharpen your skills so you can deal with your adversary later.

Along with the main gameplay, there are numerous interesting events to enjoy.

In addition to the main gameplay, Android gamers in Zombie Blast Crew will find themselves battling the enemies in a variety of interesting events, each of which features unique gameplay.

  • Horde – Explore a large map with numerous items to collect and prepare yourself for the zombies’ relentless assaults. Take out multiple hordes of enemies to advance to the next stage.
  • Killing feast – If you prefer epic killing feasts with your characters, this mode will allow you to take on your enemies without regard for ammunition. Continue shooting and knocking down zombies until you are unable to move.
  • Challenge rush – Last but not least, select a series of interesting missions and complete them in the allotted time to advance to the next challenges.

Daily bonuses for avid gamers

To reward the game’s dedicated players, Zombie Blast Crew includes a variety of interesting daily rewards that you can collect and add to your inventory. Enjoy the exciting daily rewards as you return to the game on a daily basis. And as the months pass, your monthly rewards will be well worth the wait.

It’s completely free to play.

Despite having all of those fantastic features, the game is still completely free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can always download and install it from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

With our mod, you can have unlimited money.

Furthermore, if you want to fully enjoy the game, you should disable the annoying ads and in-game purchases. Instead, simply download and install our modified version of the game. Simply search for it on our website and save the Zombie Blast Crew Mod APK to your mobile device. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the game will be fully installed on your devices in a matter of minutes.

Visual and audio quality

Zombie Blast Crew MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


For those who are interested, the game will let you enjoy the low poly graphics that are almost nostalgic to most gamers. Immerse yourself in the epic shooter challenges and enjoy the smooth gameplay on most Android devices.


The game’s epic shooter challenges will keep you hooked for hours on end thanks to its powerful and impactful sound effects.

Download the most recent Android APK of Zombie Blast Crew Mod.

For those looking for other interesting mobile titles like Dead Zed and the like, Zombie Blast Crew could be another great game to enjoy the epic shooter gameplay. And, of course, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have our completely unlocked and free game installed.

What's new

It's time for "A new beginning" update. Discover new zones to explore and secrets to find! Zombies are now out of the city. Your job is to take them down, secure the areas and find hidden chests filled with much needed supplies. The new survivor: Buster and his energy canon will help you with that so we are assigning him to your squad. Now go clean that up.



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