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How often do you watch your favorite show and picture yourself in the lead role? You can do just that in Tabou Stories: Love Episodes. Dress up in fabulous outfits, deal with all sorts of drama, and allow yourself to fall in love with the results of your hard decisions. In our gripping narratives, you get to have all your deepest, darkest fantasies come true.
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May 2, 2023
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Tabou Stories is an original mobile story game. There are many well-known tales included, but how they develop and come to a close are up to the player. If you want to alter the events of your favorite stories, download Tabou Stories right now for free.

Tabou Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite show and imagined that you were the lead role? If you want to live out your wildest fantasies, Tabou Stories is the interactive novel RPG for you. Important decisions await you, such as how to best present yourself in public, how to best navigate the many excellent films available, and whether or not to pursue romantic pursuits. The protagonists of these love stories get to have their heart’s deepest desires fulfilled.

An amazing comic book anthology can be found in Tabou Stories. But the reader has complete agency over how their stories progress. In Tabou Stories, your decisions affect every aspect of the story, whether you’re looking for love, trying to solve a crime, or embarking on a fantastical journey.

Information in General

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes was designed to provide players with a fresh adventure. In this game, the player is given a wide range of options for how to participate. Many valuable experiences await you. This game is ideal for players who want a romantic story that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The game’s controls are ridiculously simple. Users need only use their fingers to interact with the display. This game is designed to look and feel like a dating sim. Thus, the game’s gameplay will center on delving deeper into the narrative. Players will have a simple decision-making process to follow the game’s narrative. Players will have to make the right choice in order to progress through the game, but that’s part of the challenge. The decisions a player makes will have varying effects. You can expect some aspects to turn out wonderfully, while others will be less satisfying.

In the worst-case scenarios, players may even be killed. Therefore, exercise extreme caution so that you may avoid failure. In most games, the player has a choice between three paths that each advance the story in its own way. Each decision the game makes will be based on the player’s character and their history with the game. Learning about the game’s backstory is essential if the player is to make the right decision.

It’s easy to make poor decisions that can have far-reaching effects on the game if the player isn’t paying attention. The player will then be required to repeat the game. However, there is a chance for redemption before the inevitable tragedy unfolds. Therefore, you need not worry excessively.

Introductory Material

This game stands out from the crowd in a number of ways, one of which is that the gameplay is not expanded by a single story but rather by a number of interwoven narratives. Therefore, players can expect an entirely new experience with a plethora of stories when they play this game. The following are just a few examples of fantastic tales that can be found among them.

The player assumes the role of a woman looking for love through an intermediary (a “matchmaker”). However, contestants are invited to participate in a reality show alongside well-known artists and performers. Indeed, each and every one of them is famous and a sight to behold. Flirting with her is a mission for them. That’s why the players will end up on top. Who will you pick now, by the way?

The player takes on the role of a typical college girl, but her life is turned upside down on a single fateful day. The young millionaire Henry Lockwood she met that day asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend. However, he is a complex individual, and there are many secrets in his family.

The Game’s Huge Success

Currently, Episode, Chapters, Choice, and Tabou Stories are four narrative interactive games that can be found in the top 100 best-selling games on the App Store in the United States (data as of April 23).

Despite their relatively low share, our analysis of these narrative interactive games’ long-term success has placed them among the App Store’s most popular titles in the United States. It’s also worth noting that narrative, interactive Category games have a history of receiving investment from industry titans, a feat that surpasses that of many moderate to heavy games.

According to publicly available information, Tencent invested $60 million in Pocket Gem in 2015 and obtained a 20% ownership stake. Tencent invested $90 million in the company in 2017, bringing its total stake to 38%. Nexon (DNF, running kart developer) acquired Choices developer Pixelberry for $100 million in November 2017.

So, how successful are these games at bringing in cash? The narrative, a report on interactive mobile games published by an international consortium of information providers, claims that in the first three months of 2018, six narrative interactive games in North America generated monthly revenues of more than $14 million USD. Chapters: Interactive Stories was one of those that was able to break into international markets.

Long product cycles and strategic thinking about how to maximize earnings over time are key in these situations. Sensor Tower estimates that after more than six years online, the Episode series of narrative interactive games continues to generate around US$6 million in monthly revenue. Among the top 50 best-selling games in the U.S. App Store, Chapters: Interactive Stories is currently featured.

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a Great Substitute

Chapters: Interactive Stories has been able to win the hearts of millions of female players because, according to data analysis of the international version of DataEye-ADX, narrative interactive games like the ones it represents pay a lot of attention to satisfying the emotional needs of women in the purchase promotion. When it comes to gameplay and product innovation, most games on the market care more about making the player feel cool and victorious than they do about encouraging originality. Female gamers, on the other hand, tend to have a higher emotional investment in their gaming experiences.

In January, Chinese Online was ranked 30th on’s list of the most lucrative overseas publishers, and in February, Sensor Tower’s domestic mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories jumped from ranking 32nd to ranking 30th in terms of revenue earned from players outside of China. The international success of the plot-driven, interactive mobile game has been proven. Data collected by Sensor Tower shows that the game made $4 million worldwide in February thanks to sales of its iOS and Android versions.

The online drama interactive mobile game Chapters: Interactive Stories from China made the top 30 this month, marking another success for Chinese mobile games in the international market. U.S. sales currently account for 70% of all sales worldwide. Choices: Stories You Play and Episode-Choose Your Story, two competitors in the US market with strikingly similar game packaging and promotional materials, have experienced relatively stable sales. You can see that the subsequent investment return is relatively safe once the plot interactive mobile game finds core players in the buying market. Sersor Tower, an advertising intelligence platform, reports that Facebook and Applovin have recently advertised this game.

Tabou Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In Closing

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is a romantic story-based mobile game. You get more story content and get to have more fun in the game thanks to the game’s emphasis on rich storytelling and a wide variety of play options. So, why are you stalling? What you feel isn’t as valuable as what you do. Join the Android network at 2265. When you think of your favorite romantic film, do you ever put yourself in the lead role? This is an option in Tabou Stories. Choose wisely; dress elegantly; peruse the drama; find love. Tabou Stories is the place to live out your deepest, darkest fantasies.

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