Sword Of Xolan MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The pixel art style adds a lot of flavor to the action platformer Sword of Xolan. Xolan is a young man who is willing to risk his life for the sake of right. Your assistance is needed as he sets out on a quest to vanquish evil and restore tranquility to the world.
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Jan 22, 2023
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As evil enemies advance and pollute the lands, the peaceful world of man is in danger of collapsing into chaos. It’s time to pick up your sword and prove yourself a true hero in this epic side-scrolling action and platformer game for mobile devices.

Sword Of Xolan MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Read our in-depth reviews of Sword of Xolan to find out more about this fascinating game and all of its fantastic features.

Gameplay and Plot

The town’s residents get along well with one another and the game takes place there. But one day, evil forces led by their master Borzandar attacked the village and captured all of the inhabitants. Tulvir, the village’s wizard, fought valiantly but was ultimately defeated by the evil lord’s growing forces. As Borzandar and his army led him away, he mentioned the legends of Xolan one last time, saying that the day will come when you, the hero, will wield the sword of justice and restore peace to the realm.

Your ultimate adventures await you in this game, as you take on endless action and platforming challenges to vanquish Borzandar and its evil army. Have a great time discovering the various exciting levels, each with its own setting, setup, and challenges. The many obstacles your hero will face can be overcome if you equip him with effective weapons and armor. Take on awesome battles and experience exciting platforming elements as you explore cool and interesting levels. Everything about the game is designed to keep you engaged.


In this article, we will go over all the cool stuff that the game has to offer:

Easy-to-use, programmable touch screens

The straightforward side-scrolling action in Sword of Xolan makes it easy for players of all skill levels to discover and appreciate the game’s many offerings. Experience the game’s interesting 2D platformer elements in a variety of levels and environments. You can easily navigate your character and engage in thrilling battles with the help of virtual touch buttons and analog controls. The controls are flexible, so you can move the touch icons around as you see fit. In addition, the app fully supports your external controllers, so users can easily connect their gamepads to their mobile devices and experience the console gameplay on the go.

Consists of a fascinating and fascinating storyline

Sword Of Xolan, like Apple Knight and Magic Rampage, is one of the few great Android games to feature a compelling narrative that will keep you invested throughout the entire experience. Join our hero on his many epic quests and in-game challenges to discover the secrets of the Sword of Xolan, and you may find that you, too, become one with him.

Multiple engaging levels with progressively difficult challenges and constantly refreshing gameplay

Sword Of Xolan is an exciting 2D platformer and side-scrolling adventure game for Android. You’ll never stop being engrossed in your in-game exploits thanks to the ever-evolving gameplay and captivating storyline that unfolds across the game’s many levels. Additionally, the dynamic and captivating story mode will keep you hooked thanks to the ever-changing levels and exciting gameplay.

Realistic physics and exciting gameplay.

Playing Sword Of Xolan on an Android device is a breeze thanks to the game’s responsive controls and well-implemented physics. Moreover, you’ll have access to action-packed games where you can have a blast taking on a variety of challenging foes in grand scale battles.

Intriguing foes that use different mechanisms

Speaking of which, Sword Of Xolan will introduce Android gamers to their epic fights against all kinds of unique enemies, adding to the excitement of the action game. You can always have a blast playing the fantastic side-scrolling action game Sword of Xolan, as it features a wide variety of enemies (zombies, giants, flying monsters, and more) with their own special moves and fighting styles. Investigate the 30 unique foes and their awesome abilities to keep the game fresh and exciting throughout. Also, the game guarantees that you will always face formidable foes by including three incredible boss battles at the end of each act.

Buy some sweet new features for your cards.

Android gamers can give Xolan new skills and abilities with the help of the many cool card upgrades available in Sword Of Xolan. You can earn the coins and loot boxes you need to buy cards by completing in-game challenges and making your way through the levels. Utilize them to your fullest to unrestrictedly improve and strengthen your hero.

Picking up useful items and gaining advantages on the fly.

Playing Sword of Xolan on an Android device grants you access to a wide variety of powerful items and upgrades. Spend a lot of time wandering around the levels, as that’s where you’ll find all the hidden treasures. Get your hands on some sweet power-ups and boosts to really level up your experience with this fantastic mobile game.

Challenge mode is where the real fun lies, so have at it!

Those of you who are interested can now play Sword of Xolan, an excellent mobile game, in its special Challenge mode. The game presents nine thrilling challenges, all of which must be finished as quickly as possible. Play through to the end and reach key checkpoints to gain access to the final rewards. Experience the game to its fullest by playing through the levels as many times as you like.

Link your game to Google Play to access additional content.

Connecting Sword Of Xolan to a player’s Google Play Games account grants access to additional content for Android users. It’s possible to earn bragging rights amongst your friends by completing special challenges presented by the game. With a linked account, you can save your game data to the cloud, making it easy to access your progress from any computer or mobile device.

Enjoy the game even if you can’t play it online.

However, save files can be kept on the local storage so the game can be played without an internet connection. Players of Sword of Xolan will appreciate not having to worry about finding a hotspot or turning on their mobile data while they enjoy the game. Connect your devices to the Internet whenever you need online saves, and your progress will be automatically saved and synced across all of your devices.

Free to Play

Sword Of Xolan, despite its many impressive additions, is completely free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their portable gadgets. In this case, the game offers a plethora of extras at no additional cost to the player. Just know that the free version of the game will most likely be littered with ads. You’ll have to spend money on the game’s microtransactions if you want to speed things up.

Experience our unrestricted game at no cost to you.

Last but not least, the modded version of Sword of Xolan is now available on our website for those of you who want to play the full game but don’t want to be subjected to advertisements or pay for extra content within the game. We provide the full, ad-free, and infinitely wealthy version of the game here. That being said, you can use all of its functions without spending a dime. The Sword of Xolan Mod APK is easily accessible; simply download it, run it, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Image and sound quality

Sword Of Xolan MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Android users can get lost in Sword of Xolan’s epic action adventure thanks to the game’s pixel graphics, which are simple but powerful and unique. You’ll never want to put the game down thanks to the captivating pixel cinematics, stunning visual effects, and entertaining animations. On top of that, mobile gamers can experience the same smooth and satisfying gameplay of Sword of Xolan on any device thanks to the game’s low system requirements, especially in terms of graphics.

Sound quality

Sword of Xolan’s amazing original soundtracks by Burak Karakaş are just as impressive as the game’s eye-catching visuals. At all times throughout the game, the player will hear rousing, appropriately themed music in the background. At the same time, the game’s fantastic audio and voice acting will pull you into the action like never before.

Concluding Ideas

Sword of Xolan is an epic mobile game where players take on the role of our hero and help him on his quest to rid the land of evil and restore peace. The game’s cool story and interesting mechanics, in addition to its straightforward side-scrolling action and platformer gameplay, make it a fantastic choice for a mobile title.

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