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Sonic Cat is a unique blend of fancy music and fast-paced gameplay; all you have to do is listen to the music and move your fingers.
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Dec 27, 2022
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Prepare for the ultimate music adventure in a simple yet highly addictive mobile gameplay? Do you expect to be completely satisfied with your casual gaming experiences while also enjoying the amazing music gameplay? Then Sonic Cat will undoubtedly be one of the best mobile games to impress you with its interactive music experiences.

Sonic Cat MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Sonic Cat allows Android gamers to immerse themselves in immersive music gameplay with hundreds of interesting levels, each with its own unique setup. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the casual and relaxing songs and soundtracks throughout the game, which will hook you into the in-game experiences.

With our comprehensive reviews, you can learn more about this amazing game from Badsnowball Limited.


Sonic Cat: Slash the Beats will offer you exciting in-game experiences with the unique and satisfying casual mobile gaming funs for those of you who are interested in the exciting gameplay of music and actions. The game combines casual runner experiences, exciting hack ‘n’ slash actions, and interesting and interactive music beats to keep you hooked on the addictive runs.

With accurate and responsive beats each time you hit a specific target with your heroes, and constantly engaging runs, you’ll find yourself immersed in the moment throughout Sonic Cat’s in-game levels. Enjoy the addictive actions, the amazing visual features, and the accessible gameplay whenever you want. The game will allow Android gamers to fully enjoy their music experiences.

Take command of your Sonic Cat hero and select your favorite pieces of music. Dive into the endless run by following the rhythmic movements, smashing the items along the routes to collect certain rewards, and becoming completely immersed in the music.


The following are all of the game’s amazing features:

Music gameplay that is simple and easy to understand runner

If you’re interested in the game, you can easily begin your Sonic Cat journey by selecting your favorite song and diving into the endless runs. Tap the screen to hit each beat cube and earn points while also following the rhythm-based movements. Explore the thrilling runs that feature captivating music, interactive gameplay, and a variety of interesting runner experiences.

In-game controls that are both intuitive and customizable

Sonic Cat also offers simple one-touch control, which allows you to easily command your cat hero to smash the beat cubes and follow the music, allowing Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the experiences. Also, for those of you who are interested, you can modify your Sonic Cat gameplay and customize the control options to your liking by using the in-game settings.

Hundreds of incredible songs from various genres

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy the awesome in-game audio, thanks to its impressive collection of amazing songs from various genres. Android gamers can easily select their favorite song to add to their gameplay here. Enjoy the interesting songs as you satisfy your various musical tastes while diving into the amazing runner experiences. There are over 100 options for you to choose from, so you can always listen to your favorite music.

Investigate the intriguing stages with a variety of visual experiences.

In addition, for those of you who enjoy the awesome running gameplay, Sonic Cat will let you easily customize your in-game visuals by changing the environments to better suit your theme songs. Feel free to choose your favorite songs and customize the environment to better suit the in-game experiences. Sonic Cat will provide satisfying gameplay for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices, with various stages to explore and unique visual designs.

Interesting skins and weapons to employ

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in Sonic Cat will be able to equip their hero with various skins and weapons. Feel free to experiment with different customization options for their cat hero. Furthermore, with new clothes and weapons, Android gamers can completely enjoy the new visual effects with each of their movements. As a result, the runner’s experience becomes more refreshing and satisfying.

Enjoy the game whether or not you have access to the Internet.

Android gamers can now enjoy Sonic Cat without having to connect to the Internet thanks to the completely offline gameplay now available on their mobile devices. When you’re out and about and don’t want to use your mobile data, this allows for portable and convenient gaming experiences.

It’s completely free to play.

Despite all of the exciting in-game features, Sonic Cat Android gamers will still have access to completely free gameplay with their casual runner title. As a result, you can easily download and install the game from the Google Play Store for free.

With our mod, you can enjoy completely unlocked gameplay.

However, because it is still a freemium title, advertisements and in-game purchases are largely unavoidable. As a result, you’ll find yourself annoyed by the game’s annoying features. To avoid this, simply download our modified version of the game with fully unlocked content. Simply download the Sonic Cat Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and the game should be successfully installed on your mobile devices.

You can now start having fun with the free and unlocked gameplay, unlimited money, removed ads, and a variety of other interesting features. Feel free to enjoy your infinite run however you want and to fully explore its features; no payments are required.

Visual and audio quality

Sonic Cat MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Sonic Cat introduces Android gamers to their simple yet extremely satisfying runner gameplay with impressive 3D graphics. As you explore the in-game experiences, you can enjoy the stunning visual effects and interesting environments in Sonic Cat. At the same time, you’ll find the intriguing physics to be ideal for your rhythm-based runner gameplay.


And, of course, because Sonic Cat is a music game, Android players will always have some amazing experiences with their in-game audio. Here, you can enjoy high-quality music experiences with some of the best songs covering a wide range of topics and impressions. You can also enjoy the memorable music journey in Sonic Cat thanks to the complete combination of the greatest songs from the world’s greatest musicians. Not to mention that, as the collection grows, you’ll find yourself with more and more musical options.

Last thoughts

Sonic Cat, with its similar features and experiences, will allow you to enjoy yet another satisfying and addictive music adventure if you’re interested in the classic and famous music gameplay of Cytus II or Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. And this time, with new songs and a new character to interact with, your free run gameplay will be even more exciting.

But, most importantly, our mod’s free pricing and completely unlocked gameplay will leave you speechless.

What's new

>>New Songs Updated:
All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
👍We optimized the game experience on some devices.
Tip: 🎵Music Adjustment (Setting Page) will greatly help you match the rhythm.
The music will never end as long as you can follow the rhythm!
Bug fixed.



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