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My Town Airport is a kids game with 9+ locations to explore! Play as a pilot, a stewardess, or a vacationing traveler! Airport games for kids will allow you to experience Airport Madness! Work as an airport security officer and ensure that all bags are checked! In this roleplaying game for kids, you can create your own stories and have hours of fun! My Town Airport games for all plane enthusiasts!
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May 10, 2023
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Fans of the popular My Town and My City pretend-play series will have another great adventure in My Town Airport, where you can join your friends and family in many interesting journeys with the virtual family. Take the family members on exciting trips and arrive at the airport, where you can enjoy the most realistic pretend play experience.

My Town Airport MOD APK (Unlimited)

Explore the fully simulated airports, which include a variety of rooms and locations with which you can interact. Have fun playing the pretend play game with a new set of characters to enjoy. Pick up the first-class seats and let the family members enjoy their incredible boarding experiences. Set up your numerous in-game scenarios to begin enjoying My Town Airport to the fullest.

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this awesome mobile title from My Town Games and all of its amazing features.


My Town Airport provides Android gamers with a fantastic pretend play and life simulation game in which they are free to explore and enjoy the game in their own unique ways. Make full use of the game’s pretend play elements and simple life sim mechanics, as well as the many unique scenarios, to enjoy the game in your own creative ways.

Take part in an exciting family adventure at the airport, complete with different rooms and realistic boarding experiences. Create and customize your characters using the game’s various options. Investigate the various items and props, each with its own set of interactions. In the game, you can create your own adventures with any of your characters.

Have fun with the many mini-games available in My Town Airport. Connect to other My Town games to improve your gaming experience. Enjoy the educational and creative pretend play title for mobile kid gamers. The list goes on and on.


The following are all of the game’s exciting features:

Controls and gameplay mechanics are simple.

Whether you’re a new or returning player, My Town Airport has simple controls and mechanics that allow all gamers to enjoy its gameplay without difficulty. Simply enter the game and use your finger to grab and drag your characters around the various locations. Investigate their various interactions with the items and with one another to create your own scenarios. Unlock cool and creative airport adventures whenever you want.

Enjoy a completely new adventure.

Android gamers will have the opportunity to embark on an entirely new adventure with their virtual family in My Town Airport. Play the pretend play game with new characters such as the family, airport employees, flight attendants, captains, and others. Explore the new airport areas and plane sections to get a true sense of boarding on your trips. Discover cool props and items that you can use in the game to simulate unique scenarios. Enjoy your new My Town adventures in My Town Airport.

Characters that are both interactive and expressive.

To add to the excitement, the in-game characters all have beautiful and distinct designs that make them extremely realistic and lifelike. As you introduce your characters to different scenarios, have their expressions change dynamically. Furthermore, their numerous interactions with one another and the in-game items will make you feel as if you are living your own life sim.

Make and personalize your own characters.

For those who are interested, you can now freely create and customize your in-game characters using the game’s various options. Begin by giving each member of the family a distinct personality so that you can accompany them on their new adventures. Feel free to dress up your favorite characters in cool costumes and add interesting accessories to them, allowing you to showcase new appearances and refresh your gameplay.

Various rooms and locations to investigate

My Town Airport’s various rooms and locations will introduce Android gamers to new adventures they can have with their families. Feel free to explore the 9 new locations inside the airport and on the plane as you have fun creating unique scenarios for the family’s pretend play adventures.

Playable interactive props and items

At the same time, the numerous interactive props and items available at airport shops, ticket counters, waiting lounges, passenger seats, captain chambers, and other locations will allow you to enjoy your pretend play scenarios even more. Feel free to move the characters next to specific items to enable their numerous interactions and realistic in-game animations.

Have fun with the numerous mini-games.

My Town Airport players can now enjoy many unique mini-games, each with their own exciting gameplay and relaxing experiences, to make the game more fun and exciting. Explore the various activities available inside the airport and during your flights. Enjoy the entertaining mini-games that come with them in order to truly roleplay with family members, flight attendants, or airport personnel.

Join other My Town games.

For those who are interested, you can now link My Town Airport to other My Town games to access even more exciting features. Connect your My Town Hospital, My Town Home: Family Playhouse, and other studio pretend play titles to import their characters into your new airport adventures. Explore their various interactions with your My Town Airport characters as well as new in-game scenarios.

Children’s educational and creative game

My Town Airport will also make an excellent pretend play title for young gamers, thanks to its creative and educational elements. In addition to teaching children all of the realistic activities and scenarios found in airports and on planes, My Town Airport allows children to freely express their creativity by allowing them to play the game in any way they see fit. Parents can now leave their children with the game with complete confidence, knowing that they are learning while having fun.

On the go, enjoy the relaxing and liberating game

Speaking of which, My Town Airport players will be most at ease with the game’s undemanding and liberating simulation gameplay, which they can enjoy whenever and however they want. Feel free to dive into the mobile title and enjoy your airport adventure whenever and wherever you want. You can play My Town Airport without having to connect to the Internet thanks to the offline mode. And the save features allow you to record your gameplay and easily resume where you left off the next time you play.

Have fun playing multiplayer games on the same screen.

My Town Airport now supports multi-touch, allowing Android gamers to enjoy the awesome mobile title with friends and family on the same device. Depending on your device, you can play the game with two or more players on the same screen. Allow children and parents to control their own characters in order for them to have more fun roleplaying in the mobile game. Friends can now freely interact with each other using their own characters in a variety of scenarios. All of this should allow you to have more fun while playing the game.

Using our mod, you can play the game for free and unlocked.

Last but not least, if you want to download the full version of My Town Airport but don’t want to pay for it, you might want to consider our modded version instead. We provide a fully functional unlocked mobile game that you can download and install for free. Simply download the My Town Airport Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions to get started.

Visual and audio quality

My Town Airport MOD APK (Unlimited)


My Town Airport will allow Android gamers to enjoy amazing visuals on their pretend play adventures with its friendly and cheerful cartoonish graphics, beautiful and characteristic characters, amazing rooms and locations, as well as their many interactions and interesting animations. At the same time, the undemanding 2D graphics will allow all Android gamers to enjoy My Town Airport’s smooth and satisfying gameplay on all of their devices.

Music and sound

In addition to cool and friendly graphics, My Town Airport has cheerful and relaxing soundtracks that will keep you entertained throughout the game. Furthermore, the realistic sound effects will enhance the realism of the pretend play scenarios.

Last thoughts

Prepare to have fun with this awesome mobile title of My Town Airport, where kid gamers, their parents, and friends will have yet another fantastic pretend play experience. Feel free to try out the game in a different configuration. Introduce new adventures for your characters. And enjoy My Town Airport’s creative and educational gameplay whenever you play it.

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