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My PlayHome Stores allows your child to explore an open play world and play store without destroying your home! Take a stroll down the street and explore four beautifully hand-illustrated stores.
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Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Feb 21, 2023
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If you enjoy pretend play games and are looking for an exciting mobile game to play with your children, My PlayHome Stores will not disappoint you with its enjoyable and refreshing in-game experiences. Feel free to use your imagination and express your creativity as you introduce new scenarios to the game and enjoy the gameplay in new ways.

My PlayHome Stores MOD APK (Unlocked)

Take on the addictive and exciting gameplay of pretend play on your mobile devices, where you can freely enjoy the addictive in-game experiences as you progress. As you dive into the awesome pretend play experiences, make use of all the in-depth and interactive in-game elements. Explore the awesome store simulation experiences by engaging in various gameplay.

With our comprehensive reviews, you can learn more about Shimon Young’s fantastic game.


In the game, Android players will enjoy the exciting pretend play experiences that will take them through the beautiful hand-crafted stores, each of which sells a different product. Feel free to participate in the role-playing activities and have fun as both the store owners and the customers. Explore multiple interactions with each of your in-game characters and set up multiple scenarios as you fully enjoy the gameplay.

In this pretend play experience, players will have the opportunity to take many different approaches and enjoy various scenarios in their own unique ways. Feel free to peruse the various stores and their distinct features. Set up unique and interesting scenes to play with by utilizing the available items and characters.

The game is ideal for parents who want to spend hours of relaxation and fun with their children while also helping them develop their imaginative thinking. If you’ve enjoyed My Town: Hospital and other pretend play titles, Shimon Young’s new game will undoubtedly take you on a whole new pretend play adventure. You’ll find yourself having a good time and discovering new ways to enjoy the game.


The following are all of the game’s amazing features:

On your mobile devices, you can engage in simple and accessible pretend play.

To begin, Android gamers in My PlayHome Stores will enjoy the simple and accessible pretend play experiences. Having said that, the game introduces players to quick and interactive gameplay that can be enjoyed whenever they want. Feel free to jump right into the game and create your own unique pretend play scenarios. Use the intuitive touch controls and interactive items to get the most out of the exciting gameplay.

Explore the beautiful stores while engaging in engaging gameplay.

Furthermore, for those who are interested, My PlayHome Stores introduces Android gamers to the beautiful stores, each of which offers its own unique services and interactive gameplay. As a result, you can walk any of your characters into the stores and engage in a variety of interesting in-game experiences.

  • Ice-cream shop – explore the amazing ice-cream shop with tons of interesting features. Feel free to customize your ice cream with the available cones and toppings. Enjoy a variety of interactions between customers and owners. Play with the various items in the store, and so on.
  • Clothing store – To add to the game’s appeal, Android gamers in My PlayHome Stores will be able to dress their characters in the available in-game clothing stores. Feel free to select any of your favorite characters from the available pool and dress them up in a variety of outfits and accessories.
  • Supermarket – Enjoy managing your own supermarket or exploring the various product lineups as customers. My PlayHome Stores’ fantastic gameplay will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the addictive experiences.
  • Vegetable store – Feel free to explore the store and pick up any delicious fruits or vegetables for immediate consumption or purchase for later use. Make your own delicious smoothie or juice using the store’s available blender. Experiment with various interesting combinations of the available fruits and vegetables.

In-game objects that interact in a variety of ways

And, in order for gamers to fully enjoy their pretend play experiences, Android gamers in My PlayHome Stores will be able to fully engage in various in-game scenarios thanks to the interactive items. That being said, you can have your characters easily pick up different objects and use them in various ways.

Enjoy the freshly made ice cream or drinks, try on different clothes, or buy whatever you want from the mart. Android gamers will enjoy the experiences to the fullest with each store featuring its own unique setups and interesting items.

Have fun with the game of limitless pretend play.

To spice things up even more, you can dive into the endless and limitless gameplay of My PlayHome Stores and explore its exciting gameplay whenever and however you want. Never run out of ideas when engaging and interacting with the various in-game characters and elements. Allow your imagination to run wild as you consider various approaches to the scenes. My PlayHome Stores’ simple and yet exciting gameplay will undoubtedly keep you hooked for hours on end.

Completely compatible with the original My PlayHome game

For those who are interested, My PlayHome Stores’ awesome gameplay will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the experiences and have fun with the integrated My PlayHome app, which will allow you to connect the in-game experiences to any of your My PlayHome titles. Feel free to pick up items and bring them back to your house as you immerse yourself in the My PlayHome Stores universe and its many titles.

Enjoy the game whether or not you have access to the Internet.

My PlayHome Stores also provides completely offline gameplay for you to enjoy whenever you’re ready, allowing gamers to fully enjoy their gameplay. As a result, there is no need for a consistent Internet connection as you progress through the game. Feel free to enjoy its entire in-game experiences without having to connect to the internet, making the game ideal for a quick game when you’re out and about and don’t want to waste your mobile data.

Have fun with our website’s unlocked gameplay.

Last but not least, because the game is currently listed as a paid version on the Google Play Store, Android gamers in My PlayHome Stores will have a little difficulty enjoying their full gameplay. As a result, you might want to try our modified version of the game to take advantage of the completely free and unlocked in-game experiences. Feel free to download the My PlayHome Stores APK from our website, follow the instructions, and you should have My PlayHome Stores’ awesome gameplay fully unlocked and available on your mobile devices.

Visual and audio quality

My PlayHome Stores MOD APK (Unlocked)


My PlayHome Stores introduces Android gamers to immersive and friendly pretend play experiences suitable for gamers of all ages through beautifully illustrated images. Furthermore, you’ll find in-game elements with awesome details and interactions that make them extra realistic and the gameplay a lot more engaging. Furthermore, with the simple 2D graphics, Android gamers will have a great time with My PlayHome Stores.


Those of you who are interested will also enjoy the awesome in-game music of My PlayHome Stores. The game provides distinct sound effects for each store and interaction. Furthermore, the addictive and exciting soundtracks will undoubtedly keep you hooked on the awesome gameplay of pretend play for hours on end.

Last thoughts

My PlayHome Stores allows Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in the awesome mobile gameplay by providing in-depth and exciting pretend play experiences. You can find yourself here having fun with the awesome interactions and engaging in addictive gameplay with hilarious experiences. Most importantly, the fully unlocked gameplay with removed ads and unlocked content will allow you to fully enjoy the pretend play title.

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