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An effective video player that supports advanced hardware acceleration and subtitles
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May 17, 2023
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For the vast majority of smartphone owners, watching videos and clips on their device of choice is always preferable to doing so on larger screens. Experiences are likely to be more satisfying on a larger display, but portability is reduced compared to smartphones.

MX Player Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Because of this, you can take your favorite movies with you anywhere and watch them whenever you want thanks to the convenience of your smartphone. However, a television or computer monitor is too bulky to bring along at all times.

It’s also important to have a solid media player on your smartphone in order to experience movies in their full HD glory with authentic sound design. If you want to watch videos on your Android phone or tablet, you should download Mx Player Pro first because it is one of the best media players available. Read our review to learn everything you need to know.

It does what, exactly?

The app’s primary function is as a video player, but it also includes a number of other features that will prove to be very helpful. The app can be used as a video player for other apps, such as movie apps, or for streaming videos online. Moreover, subtitles can be added by accessing the relevant files on your hard drive. Overall, it’s a powerful media player that allows for a wide range of configurations and preferences.


A few permissions are required for the app to function properly:

The app has an input blocking feature that can be activated to stop any unwanted touch input from the screen from affecting your experience. To put it another way, unless you specifically tap the unlock button, it won’t pay attention to your physical touches on the screen. You’ll need to grant the app permission to Draw over other apps, though.

Watching a movie with a Bluetooth headset or speaker can significantly increase user satisfaction, and MX Player Pro makes this possible. Pair with Bluetooth devices permission must be turned on before you can use the features.

If you grant the app permission to Disable screen look and Control vibration, your phone will remain awake and uninterruptible so you can keep watching without missing a moment.

Please note that if you do not provide these permissions, you will be unable to use the app’s features until you restart the app and grant it the following permission.

Terrific Characteristics

The app boasts many impressive features, making it one of the best media players available for Android. Our top picks, in no particular order, are as follows.

Supercharged gadgets

The app’s processing speed can be increased thanks to the included hardware acceleration technology, which makes use of the robust HW+, HW, SW decoders. The result is a marked improvement in the quality of both the visuals and the sound. However, for the best results, you must use the proper decoder with the proper media file.

Take advantage of the capabilities of the multi-core CPU.

It’s unfortunate that software is unable to make use of the increased processing power offered by modern smartphones, which typically feature quad-core, octa-core, or even more powerful processors.

Fortunately, J2 Interactive has developers who know what they’re doing, and they’ve done a fantastic job of adding in these cool new features that take advantage of the multi-core processor. This results in smoother command execution and quicker video loading times.

Minimalist actions

MX Player Pro includes handy gestures for easy commands, letting users control the app with a few simple motions, allowing for a more unhurried movie-watching experience. To go back in time or skip ahead, just swipe the screen left and right. The brightness can be adjusted by pressing up and down on the left, and the volume by pressing left and right. Two taps will pause the music, and two more will resume playback. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll also learn how to use the dozens of other gesture commands available.

Prevent your children from messing with your phone settings.

The easiest way to keep children quiet and compliant is to let them watch videos on your phone. However, they are naturally restless, so you shouldn’t expect them to sit still and watch your videos. Most children, however, would prefer to “abuse” your smartphone by touching the screen and accidentally activating dozens of unintended functions.

A “kid lock” or “touch screen lock” can be used to prevent your child from accessing other apps or making phone calls while watching videos.

Turned on subtitling

Foreign films require at least a translation into your language of choice for you to fully appreciate them. The subtitle files can be downloaded from online sources and loaded into MX Player Pro via the app’s settings menu. As a result, you can unwind with some subtitled film viewing.

Without cost to the user

Users have their choice between a free and paid version of the app, both of which are available in the Google Play Store. In either case, you’ll be able to unwind occasionally. There are no functional differences between the free and paid versions; the ads in the free version are the only potential drawback.

Appreciate the updated version, everyone!

However, you can try installing our modded version if you don’t like ads but would still like to experience the full Pro version. You can avoid ads altogether by visiting our site and installing the MX Player Pro APK file on your devices.

The player’s storage needs have also been reduced by removing all languages besides English and Russian. So, you can keep using this fantastic program without worrying about using up too much space.

To reduce the app’s size and load time, our developers have eliminated unused components and made use of coding optimizations. In addition, those who are tired of the standard color schemes can make their own adjustments.

MX Player Pro MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


When using the incorrect decoder, it can be painfully slow.

Despite the fact that the app includes three powerful decoders, using the incorrect decoder can result in choppy visuals and erratic audio. To avoid this, you should let the app select the appropriate decoder for you rather than taking control of the process yourself.

Get the newest version of MX Player Pro for Android here:

MX Player Pro is the best media player for Android devices due to its wealth of features and robust decoders. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about being dissatisfied after installing this on your gadgets.

What's new

- Improvements on app theme and support for system day/night theme.
- Other improvements and bug fixes.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.63.5 116.08 MB 5.0 08/05/2023
1.62.8 116.18 MB 5.0 21/04/2023
1.61.6 116.3 MB 5.0 06/04/2023
1.61.5 116.3 MB 5.0 23/03/2023
1.60.3 119.79 MB 5.0 06/03/2023

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