Map My Walk MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)


This app has everything a runner, whether new to the sport or a seasoned pro, needs to keep on track and motivated to achieve their goals. Become part of an inspiring community of over 60 million athletes who share your dedication to health and fitness and benefit from fully customizable Training Plans, personalized coaching tips to make running feel easier, and more.
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May 17, 2023
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Regular exercise, such as working out or going for a run, is a great way to boost your health and fitness levels. However, most of us lack the motivation to begin exercising, and if you don’t know where to begin, the task seems even more daunting. Therefore, you should definitely consider downloading the free Map My Walk mobile app.

Map My Walk MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Here you will find an entire fitness social network where you can easily access your personal fitness journey. Have a good time chatting with other users who are also documenting their daily progress. Use the powerful and easy-to-use tracking features of Map My Walk to keep tabs on your individual projects whenever you like. Examine your past efforts to maintain your drive over the next few days. And learn about the many useful training programs out there. Using this exciting mobile app, you can rest assured that you will gain maximum benefit from your workouts.

Learn all about the fantastic Map My Fitness mobile app by reading our in-depth reviews.

It does what, exactly?

Map-Guided Stroll There are more than 60 million active users of My Walk’s social fitness network, and you can join them. Enjoy the stimulating fitness activities while keeping track of your progress in your training and exercise regimen. If you’re having trouble staying motivated, try reading over your completed tasks and workout results every day.

In addition, the availability of an online community makes it easy to document and share one’s fitness journey with family, friends, and fellow users. Enjoy the app as you and your friend make progress and have fun following their progress. You can find the best routes to enjoy your training with the help of Map My Walk’s extensive map sharing community.

Lastly, Map Your Steps with Map My Walk provides access to its premium training plans whenever you like. Get expert coaching and access to cutting-edge research in the field of fitness by utilizing the individualized plans created just for you. They will help you maximize your workout efforts.


Several permissions must be granted to the Map My Walk app before it can be used to its full potential on an Android device. Therefore, when you first launch the app on your mobile devices, make sure to grant all the permissions it asks for.

You can now experience the exciting functionality of Map My Walk without spending a dime thanks to the free version of the app that is available on the Google Play Store. In this case, the app does provide many of its unique benefits at no cost. On the other hand, some features can only be accessed after paying a small fee.

Finally, always run the app on the most recent firmware version, preferably Android 9.0 or above, to ensure the app can function well on your Android devices, especially with its latest updates.

Awesome attributes

What follows is a list of all the cool stuff the app can do:

You can perform your workouts wherever and whenever you like.

Those who are interested can now participate in their own exciting and approachable exercise experiences in Map My Walk, as the app offers a wide variety of tools for you to make use of. You are welcome to peruse the training materials at your disposal, which will make it possible for you to engage in convenient and user-friendly workouts anywhere, including your home, office, commute, and the gym.

Several carefully crafted Workout Routines are available here for your use. All of which require very little in the way of supplies but yield substantial results. So, you can take advantage of the readily available training opportunities whenever it’s convenient for you.

In addition, the intuitive and personalized training plans in Map My Walk will make it simple to settle on the most effective routes for your workouts. You’ll find that it’s easy to surpass your targets and advance to new levels in Map My Walk.

Most importantly, you can train whenever it’s convenient for you with the Healthy At Home Challenge that’s always at your disposal and doesn’t require you to leave your house or enter a gym. You should be able to do every exercise without any special equipment or preparation.

Log your exercises for maximum results.

Further, the app now features a helpful and intuitive tracking and mapping tool, which will allow you to effectively record the development of any exercises and training activities. Pick any type of exercise you like—running, walking, cycling, cross training, yoga, gym workout sessions, and so on—and you’ll have access to specialized tracking and mapping tools designed to give you the most accurate data possible.

Additionally, you can take pleasure in the audio coaching that is provided in real time and which will show your current speed, distance traveled, and training duration. This data is crucial for tracking your progress and keeping you motivated to continue working out.

The Map My Walk app will use information gathered from millions of users to recommend routes that are ideal for running, walking, or cycling. You may optionally insert your own tracked routes. And don’t be shy about letting others see your data.

Come be a part of the huge online group and have some laughs with us!

Speaking of which, the huge online community built into Map My Walk for Android users ensures that they will have a blast during their fitness journeys. Check out the activity feed to find like-minded athletes and friends to train with right now.

Feel free to connect with other fitness-minded individuals by posting about your experiences on the Map My Walk network. Or, brag about your hard work by posting updates on your training progress on any of the social media sites of your choice. Participate in the group effort to both impart and absorb the fitness expertise of others.

The app also provides a number of training challenges that you can participate in alone or with other users to keep you interested and motivated. Fun training activities await you here; complete them to move up the leaderboards and earn fantastic rewards for reaching the top spots. But the most important part is that you can challenge other players for fun.

Attempt to hone your skills like a pro with well-thought-out training and coaching programs.

Users of the Android operating system will have the same opportunities to take advantage of the premium features of Map My Walk that iOS users have had for some time now.

Use the live tracking tool, which not only provides the usual statistics but also displays your current running locations, to keep tabs on your progress. You can rest assured that you will not lose touch with your loved ones even if your run or ride lasts for several hours.

You can also use the customized training plans in Map My Walk to ensure that you’re performing the right exercises for your fitness level, weight, and training objectives. The accompanying audio guides will keep you interested in and committed to your fantastic training materials.

Full support for a wide range of fitness-related apps and devices

For those who are interested, Map My Walk now supports integration with a wide variety of fitness trackers. This would allow for more accurate tracking results and enhanced learning environments.

Feel free to link up your Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, or any other compatible wearable. As a result, you will be able to maximize the benefits of your training. Get believable alerts in the form of sight, sound, and touch whenever your training status changes. Whether you’re using Map My Walk or another app, you can enhance your walks and workouts by importing your data.

Connected Under Armour shoes can record a variety of standard and advanced metrics related to running and walking, such as pace, distance, and time on the ground. Everything needs to be meticulously measured and recorded.

Get the app from our website, where it is available without restriction and free of charge.

Finally, those of you who are interested in the thrilling mobile application Map My Walk can take advantage of the full, unlocked version of the app here on our website, which will provide access to many of the app’s premium features at no cost. At the same time, you can avoid being interrupted by intrusive advertisements. All you need to do to get the most out of the app is grab the Map My Walk mod APK from Wamunity, install it on your device, and you should be good to go.

Map My Walk MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Closing Remarks

Map My Walk gives Android users access to a large social fitness network and a variety of entertaining in-app workouts. Get access to the comprehensive and precise tracking tool here; it will help you immensely in your efforts to maximize the effectiveness of your training sessions. Importantly, you should be able to get the most out of the app with the free and unlocked version that we provide on our website.

What's new

This release includes general bug fixes and performance improvements.

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