KineMaster – Video Editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

KineMaster lets you control your video content. Create professional videos in just minutes using a large library of templates that can be used for any type of business.
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May 14, 2023
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Smartphones have made life so much more fun and interesting. Now you can do what you want with your phone. You can use your smartphone as a camera and take photos and videos anywhere you go. You can also use the footage to create clips, Photoshop materials, or videos. You can record every moment of your life and edit it to your liking.

KineMaster – Video Editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

You can edit the footages on your smartphone with any hardware capable. If you want to edit your videos on Android, there are many apps available. KineMaster, Video Editor, and Video Maker are undoubtedly some of the most useful tools you have.

Get more information about the KineMaster Corporation app with our comprehensive reviews.

What is it used for?

KineMaster has a powerful video editor that is available for Android users. You can use its editing tools to create stunning videos in the easiest way possible.

This app lets users make use of their powerful smartphone’s hardware. It also provides a professional editing interface that allows you to make full use of the many in-app options. You can edit multiple layers of videos, select from a variety of blending modes, adjust voiceovers, change speeds and create transitions.

It turns your smartphone into the ultimate video-making device. You can become a great content creator and record your own videos. The ultimate editor for your smartphone allows you to enjoy completely portable experiences. You can capture, edit and create amazing videos using only your phone.


The app is a smartphone video editor and doesn’t have any requirements. KineMaster can be used on mobile devices by users to edit clips and videos with very few limitations. You should remember that editing videos requires your device to be capable of handling it. Devices with multi-core processors are better for this job.

You might consider the capabilities of your device before you start editing videos. Too many customizations and effects can cause a lot more stress on your phone.

KineMaster – Video Editor MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Amazing features

You’ll find all of the thrilling features the game has to provide.

Multi-layer editing with intuitive interfaces

You can edit your videos in multiple layers. This allows you to make the most of all the customizations available. It is easy to place your edits and make modifications to videos using the intuitive interfaces. You can add stickers, special effects and text to your videos. To get a full view of the final product, preview the videos immediately after you have made your changes. With just a glance at the interfaces, you can get a complete view of the videos and edited content. You can make changes whenever you like.

Reverse your videos to create unique settings

Android users can also make minor edits to videos to make them more interesting. You can even reverse the video and its contents. You can include all edits you have made to the videos, which makes them more interesting and fun to watch. It’s possible to flip your videos or reverse them and add interesting elements.

Use the blending modes for beautiful effects

KineMaster also offers a wide range of blending modes and filters to help you get into the worlds of videomaking. You can make stunning, crisp and beautiful visual effects with the available blending options. You can also completely transform the look and feel of your videos with the color filters. Your video will be unique and exceptional.

Multi-sound adjustments for your videos

The app offers many sound effects that can be added to your videos in addition to the visual customizations. These sound adjustments include background music, voice changers and sound effects that can be used to modify the videos. As you modify the audio of your videos, feel free to make adjustments and customizations. You can change the overall impression by trying different settings.

You can use these useful editing tools to enhance your videos

You can also make use of the intuitive editing tools available on your device, which will allow you to make effective use of the video editor. You can edit your videos easily by trimming, splicing and cropping specific parts. You can make as many changes to individual sections of the videos as you like.

KineMaster allows you to make customizations to your videos. This makes it easy for you to edit them. The intuitive touch controls make the game more user-friendly than the ones on PC.

An extensive library of editing materials

The app offers a wide range of editing tools to help you edit videos. You can use the music, clip graphics and fonts as well as stickers, fonts, transition effects and many other features of the app. You can change the look and feel of your videos with the editing tools. Keep checking KineMaster for the latest updates.

You can adjust the speed of your videos

You can adjust the frame rate in each video by diving into the editing interfaces of the app. You can also adjust the speed of your videos to create slow-motion or time-lapse effects. KineMaster allows you to create amazing videos. This is where the real art happens.

You can control the audio using intuitive EQ settings

The app allows you to make precise changes to your audio using the intuitive EQ settings. With multiple EQ presets, it’s easy to change the sound, adjust volume, and tune the audio in different aspects to make your audio more enjoyable.

Each layer should have motion

You can also add motions to your videos if you want to make them more interesting. These amazing settings allow you to change the way you see the videos by changing the animations for each layer.

High-quality videos can be exported and shared quickly

Last but not least, exporting the video at 4K resolution and 30FPS is possible after you have done all the customizations and editing. Surprisingly, this is very close to the standard quality for high-quality video edited with PC. Once the videos are complete, you can share them easily on any social media channel or online drive to show friends.

Use it free of charge

Surprisingly, even though the app has all these amazing features, it is still completely free for Android gamers to use on their smartphones. You can download KineMaster APK directly from the Google Play Store, without paying anything.

Enjoy all the features of our mod

The app is still freemium, so you will need to make in-app purchases to get the full version. For many, this can prove to be quite frustrating. You might consider our modified KineMaster version. It has a removed watermark and advanced editing features. You can download the KineMaster PRO APK directly from our website. Follow these instructions to enjoy the app to its fullest.


Low-end phones can be laggy

It’s a processor-intensive app so most smartphones of low end, especially the ones from the past years, won’t be able run it smoothly. When editing complex videos with this app, you will experience lags, stutters and freezes. In these instances, you might be better off taking the video with your smartphone and editing them on your computer.

Final verdicts

KineMaster is a great Filmora replacement. The video editor has a wide range of editing tools that can transform your in-app experience. You can make your videos look and feel better by making use of the extensive library of editing tools, useful options, features, and other features. The best part is that you can access the complete version of KineMaster for free on our website.

What's new

• NEW KineCloud: Subscribers can upload and access 10GB of projects on connected devices!
• Coming soon! Upload your Mix! Share projects for all KineMaster users to see.
• 16 new blending modes added!
• NEW Transform tool - precision scaling, rotation, and placement
• Mute button added to audio REC tool


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