Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Hello and welcome to the Human Evolution clicker! You can rule life in this idle evolutionary simulator in a very simple way. To control the evolving process, simply tap. Never before has evolution been so simple.
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May 4, 2023
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Are you curious about how the first life forms on Earth emerged? We’re curious about our ancestors’ journeys. How did we get here and why are we here now? And where will humanity be, and what will we become in the future? All of your questions will be answered in your most recent adventure into the epic gameplay of Human Evolution Clicker game.

Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Through a series of intriguing in-game features, you can experience multiple stages of life on Earth. Discover the world of tiny DNAs and how they evolved into the first lifeforms on Earth. As you begin to introduce new species to the habitats, you will be able to create your own world.

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Android gamers will be able to learn more about Earth’s life forms and how we evolved from a simple string of DNA in the game. Explore and experience mankind’s fantasized futures as you begin to challenge the ultimate barriers of space. What else will you become as you continue to evolve? The answers can be found in the Human Evolution Clicker Game.

The game uses a simple but extremely addictive clicker gameplay to teach you about the evolution of life on Earth. Choose from a variety of creatures at various stages of evolution. Begin with a simple DNA chain, tap it to generate coins, and then evolve it into a more complex life form. Alternatively, you can spend your money on another creature. Form two similar creatures to create a new creature at a higher level of evolution.

Fill your area with various creatures and provide them with specific care so that they can evolve on their own. Alternatively, combine the two creatures to create a new one. The more advanced your creatures, the more idle or tapping money you can earn.


All of the exciting features of the game can be found here:

Enjoy the novel and refreshing clicker gameplay.

This epic clicker title will introduce Android gamers to the fun and interesting clicker gameplay for the first time. Have fun playing your intriguing evolution game while learning more about life on Earth. Learn about various creatures and species on various scales. Take the lives from the ponds and place them on the beach. To the cities and villages before venturing into the infinite cosmic. Enjoy the unique and exciting clicker gameplay you’ve never experienced before.

Hundreds of species at various stages of evolution

In addition, to make the game more interesting, Human Evolution Clicker Game players will have access to fun and exciting evolution gameplay, beginning with hundreds of different lifeforms that you can field inside your habitat areas.

Furthermore, each individual in your area will have their own distinct and independent thought. Furthermore, if you give them enough time, they will evolve into more advanced creatures as a result of natural evolution.

If you don’t have time and want to speed things up, you can always combine different creatures from the same species. This would result in a more advanced life form, which is both incredible and intriguing.

Begin with a small pond and progress to the space age.

And as you embark on your ultimate clicker evolution adventures in Human Evolution Clicker Game, you’ll discover a large in-game area to explore. Begin with a small pond and a few single-cell creatures to progress the lifeforms into the reptiles and mammals that rule the lands. Then comes the age of man, when you start living in the wild and forming your own societies. As you progress, you will enter a new era of galactic explorations and cosmic powers.

There are numerous upgrades and boosters to choose from.

To make the game more interesting, Android players will have access to a variety of different upgrades and boosters that will allow them to earn more money and evolve the creatures much faster. Feel free to speed up the in-game processes so that you can reach the new ages as soon as possible. Upgrade your game to generate idle income or to unlock new species and habitats.

Earn money even when you’re not playing.

Furthermore, because it is an idle clicker title, gamers in Human Evolution Clicker Game are permitted to generate idle income in the game without having to play it. Simply select the appropriate upgrades to increase the speed and have your creatures earn coins for you.

Participate in in-game missions and challenges to earn special rewards.

Gamers in Human Evolution Clicker Game will also have access to interesting in-game missions and challenges that they can pick up whenever they want to make the game more interesting. Take on incredible challenges to earn special rewards. At the same time, you find yourself completely engrossed in the game.

Return to the game to collect your daily rewards.

Furthermore, for those of you who are interested, the game includes exciting daily rewards that you can collect each time you return to the game. Unlock special rewards and continue to stack those juicy prizes until the end of the month, when you can earn a much larger prize.

It is completely free to play.

Despite having all of these fantastic features, the game is still completely free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily download and install Human Evolution Clicker Game from the Google Play Store for free.

With our mod, you can have unlimited money.

While the game is undeniably enjoyable, some of you may find the in-game purchases and advertisements to be somewhat bothersome. That being said, if that’s the case, our improved version of the game should be much more appealing to you. You can finally enjoy the unlocked gameplay with unlimited coins, have the ads removed completely, and much more with it. You only need to download and install the Human Evolution Clicker Mod APK from Wamunity. You’ll be fine if you stick to the instructions.

Visual and audio quality

Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


The game has simple and undemanding graphics, making it extremely playable on the majority of Android devices. Furthermore, despite not having many interesting graphical features, it did an excellent job of accurately depicting the creatures as well as their surrounding environments. Not to mention the amazing habitats with dynamic setups that will make the game a lot of fun.


With the immersive audio experiences, gamers in Human Evolution Clicker Game will be completely engrossed in their evolutionary journey. With each creature having their own distinct voice, the game becomes much more relatable.

Download the most recent Android APK of Human Evolution Clicker Game Mod.

For those of you who enjoy idle clicker games like Plague Inc, Human Evolution Clicker Game is another great title to have on your mobile devices. Plus, with our amazing mods for the game, you’ll have a great time.


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1.9.18 70.64 MB 5.1 26/01/2023
1.9.17 72.14 MB 5.1 08/11/2022



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