Hotel Craze Design Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited)


Do you want to be a hotel magnate? Get into the real hotel & cooking madness life, and experience grand hotel mania in Hotel Craze & Cooking Frenzy. You will be able to open hotels all over the world, prepare delectable food, receive likes from your guests, and upgrade your hotels to gain more love and recognition.
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Casual Joy Games
Feb 21, 2023
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Hotel management gameplay has never been so simple yet equally fun and enjoyable as in Hotel Craze Design Makeover, where gamers can enjoy the simple management gameplay and its many amazing adventures. Explore the in-game world, which includes many amazing hotels, engaging and addictive management gameplay, and much more.

Hotel Craze Design Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited)

Become the ultimate hotel tycoon by always providing the best services to your customers and continuously improving your hotels with multiple upgrades. Investigate the use of luxuries and decorations to enhance the appeal of your hotel. Have access to VIP clients who will provide you with better tips and reputation points. Unlock new hotels with better facilities and more opportunities to make money.

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this intriguing game from Casual Joy Games and all of its intriguing features.


Prepare to engage in this fun and simple hotel management gameplay in which you take full control of your hotel business and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Simply manage your daily operations by tapping on the action icons and assigning tasks to specific employees. Complete your tasks quickly and without errors to maximize your time working on the hotel.

Ensure that your customers are properly served and that they are completely satisfied with their stay. Make money while expanding your fantastic hotel establishment. Unlock new businesses and make upgrades to earn even more money from VIP customers. Have access to a variety of one-of-a-kind and realistic upgrades that will allow you to expand your hotel and improve its services.

Hotel Craze Design Makeover features endless adventure levels with exciting gameplay and fun interactions with all in-game props. Have access to amazing restaurants from all over the world to enjoy their one-of-a-kind services and delectable cuisine. The list goes on and on.


The following are all of the game’s exciting features:

Touch controls and simple gameplay

It’s a straightforward point-and-click hotel management game in which players only need to tap on the action icons to respond to the needs of their customers. Simple mechanics, similar to Grand Hotel Mania and Doorman Story, make it super easy for mobile gamers to enjoy the game. Simply use the intuitive touch controls to direct employees on their various tasks throughout the hotel and ensure that customers are completely satisfied.

engrossing stories with numerous exciting chapters

Android players will be able to enjoy the captivating in-game stories and exciting adventures starring our dynamic hotel management duo throughout the game. Join them on exciting management missions as they embark on their many adventures around the world. Unlock new hotels and customers while enjoying the exciting story progressions and interesting chapters that come with each new adventure.

Discover new hotels and adventures.

Speaking of which, Hotel Craze Design Makeover will allow you to travel the world and engage in many hotel management challenges by introducing gamers to many in-game adventures. Work with hotels from various cultures, each with their own distinct theme and refreshing point-and-click management gameplay. Discover new challenges with a plethora of exciting in-game levels and exciting adventures all over the world.

Countless levels of hotel management and cooking enjoyment

For those who are interested, you can now spend your craze time in the game’s 1000+ hotel levels. The game allows you to experience the addictive hotel management and cooking gameplay in multiple levels with escalating challenges and evolving gameplay. As a result, you can always enjoy the game to the fullest. You will be introduced to new challenges and interesting guests that you must serve. The game’s reasonable level of difficulty ensures that you will never find it too easy or too difficult.

Several upgrades are available to improve your hotel’s services.

Hotel Craze Design Makeover players can easily improve their hotel with the room upgrades and unlockables available. Have new, higher-quality rooms so you can serve more guests and make them happy. Upgrade the reception table so you can quickly handle customers’ needs while keeping them cool for a longer period of time. Also, enable all types of services and goods so that you can better serve your guests and earn more money in the game.

Serve your customers well and you will earn a good reputation.

The game introduces players to various customers, each with their own set of requirements and interesting in-game animations. Find yourself completely immersed in your own cartoon adventure as a hotel manager, in which you’ll have to do everything you can to satisfy the unique guests. Collect likes and money to help you improve your services.

There are numerous boosters to choose from.

With so many boosters available, Hotel Craze Design Makeover players can now take advantage of these instant power-ups to improve their hotel services. Use the many unique boosters to help you run faster, unlock better bonuses, and more. Use them correctly so that you can complete all of the levels’ objectives.

Complete tasks and attend events to earn more rewards.

Android gamers will have access to many exciting tasks and events in Hotel Craze Design Makeover, which will introduce them to new gameplay and many cool rewards. Feel free to enjoy your new game adventures and massive rewards during these time-limited events.

Claim your free daily bonuses

In addition, for those of you who are interested, you can claim your free daily bonuses in Hotel Craze Design Makeover without doing anything. Just remember to come back every day to collect your rewards and stack up your prizes for your weekend loot.

Available in a variety of languages

Hotel Craze Design Makeover players will have no trouble playing the game because it is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and many other languages. Feel free to switch between languages and begin playing the entire game on the go.

Connect to your accounts to gain access to additional features.

If you’re interested, you can now link your Facebook or Google Play account to the game to unlock additional features. Begin by synchronizing all of your in-game progress to the online storage so you don’t have any problems playing the game. Use your social friend lists to find friends who are also playing the game so you can compete with each other.

It is completely free to play.

Despite all of its exciting features, Hotel Craze Design Makeover is still available for free to all Android gamers on their mobile devices. As a result, you can now easily download and play the game’s full version on any of your mobile devices. Just keep in mind that if you want to advance faster in-game, you’ll still need to pay for in-game purchases. Not to mention that the advertisements may irritate you slightly.

Utilize our free mod to enjoy the unlocked gameplay.

So, if you want to enjoy the full gameplay of Hotel Craze Design Makeover without having to pay for ads or in-game purchases, you should consider the modified version of the game on our website instead. We provide an unlocked game with no ads and unlimited features. As a result, you can enjoy the game without having to pay anything.

Visual and audio quality

Hotel Craze Design Makeover MOD APK (Unlimited)


Hotel Craze Design Makeover allows Android gamers to fully enjoy their hotel management adventures thanks to the beautiful illustrations and colorful visuals. The game’s incredible visuals allow you to fully immerse yourself in your own cartoon adventures, with beautiful and interactive hotel environments, interesting cartoonish character designs, cool character animations, and visual effects.

Music and sound

Furthermore, the exciting and enjoyable soundtracks, combined with amazing sound effects, will keep you hooked on the game, especially during the hotel and cooking management challenges.

Last thoughts

Prepare to have fun with Hotel Craze Design Makeover, an amazing mobile title in which players can manage their own hotels. Enjoy the simple yet addictive gameplay of hotel and cooking management in infinite levels and multiple hotels from around the world.

What's new

- New event: Super Bowl 2023 is coming! Complete daily tasks and upgrade the level of the Gold Pass, you will have a chance to get rich props, limited fashion and pets!
- New feature: Leaderboard is online! Pass designated levels during the season to improve your ranking and win surprise rewards!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.70 311.24 MB 5.0 06/02/2023
1.0.69 311.24 MB 5.0 04/01/2023



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