Reply To: VW Polo / 2010 / 1.6TDI


      The next morning when I started my vw polo, the RPM was jumping like crazy, some strange noises were coming from the engine. After a few minutes of engine work, everything seemed to be fine, but I took the car to the BOSCH workshop anyway for a check-up, and when I came to pick it up in the evening, they did not have any good news for me.

      2 of the 4 injectors need to be replaced (you have to buy new ones as they are not refurbished).
      The flywheel is squeaking and also needs to be replaced.

      But this is a VW Polo, engine 1,6TDI, it’s nothing special, I’ve negotiated a thousand euros, so it’s quite normal to invest a few hundred in repairs.

      And then BAM! Do you know how much injectors cost for this shit???
      flywheel? It’s probably cheaper on the Ferrari 😀

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