Acura CL (YA4) (2000-2003) Fuse Box Location & Diagram

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      Within this topic, we delve into the second generation Acura CL (YA4), manufactured from 2000 to 2003. You’ll discover fuse box diagrams for the Acura CL spanning the years 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. We’ll provide you with details regarding the fuse panel’s placement inside the vehicle and elucidate the purpose of each fuse (fuse layout).

      Cockpit Fuse Panel

      Fuse Box Location

      The interior fuse boxes are situated on either side of the cockpit. To access them, start by pulling the lower part of the cover open, and then remove it from its side hinges by pulling it towards yourself.

      Fuse Box Diagram

      Driver’s Side

      Distribution of the fuses in the cockpit (driver’s side)

      No. Amp. Description
      1 15A Fuel Pump
      2 10A Main SRS
      3 7.5A Heater Control, A/C Clutch Relay, Cooling Fan Relay
      4 7.5A Mirror, Heated Seat, Heated Mirror
      5 7.5A Daytime Running Lights (On Canadian models)
      6 15A ECU (PCM), Cruise Control, VSA
      7 7.5A Side SRS
      8 7.5A ACC Relay, Navigation
      9 7.5A Instrument Panel, Back-up Lights, Memory Seat
      10 7.5A Turn Signals
      11 15A IG Coil
      12 30A Wiper, Washer
      13 7.5A Starter Signal

      Passenger’s side

      Allocation of the fuses in the passenger compartment.

      No. Amp. Description
      1 30A 2001-2002: Moonroof Motor
      1 20A 2003: Left Power Window
      2 20A Driver’s Power Seat Reclining, Memory Seat
      3 20A Heated Seat
      4 20A Driver’s Power Seat Sliding, Memory Seat
      5 20A Passenger’s Power Seat Sliding
      6 20A Passenger’s Power Seat Reclining
      7 30A 2001-2002: Not Used 2003: Moonroof Motor
      8 20A Right Power Window
      9 20A Radio, Power Outlet
      10 10A Navigation System, Daytime Running Lights (On Canadian models), OnStar
      11 7.5A Interior Light, Seat Memory, HomeLink
      12 20A Power Door Locks
      13 15A Clock, Back Up, Small Light
      14 7.5A ABS Motor Check
      15 20A 2001-2002: Left Power Window 2003: Not Used
      16 Empty

      VSA Fuse Box Location

      The VSA fuse box can be found beneath the interior fuse box on the passenger’s side of the cockpit.

      VSA Fuse Box Diagram

      Allocation of the fuses within the VSA fuse box.

      No. Amp. Description
      1 20A VSA F/S Relay
      2 20A VSA Throttle Motor
      3 Empty

      Engine Compartment Fuse Panel

      Fuse Box Location

      The engine compartment fuse box is located on the passenger side near the windshield.

      Fuse Box Diagram

      Allocation of the fuses in the engine compartment.

      No. Amp. Description
      1 20A (Premium model) 30A (Type-S) Condenser Fan
      2 7.5A MG Clutch
      3 60A IG1 Main
      4 40A Rear Window Defogger
      5 40A Heater Motor
      6 20A Premium model: TCS
      6 40A Type-S (2001-2002): VSA Type-S with A/T (2003): VSA
      6 Type-S with M/T (2003): Not Used
      7 40A Power Seat
      8 40A Power Window Motor
      9 40A Back Up, ACC
      10 15A Spare Fuse
      11 10A Spare Fuse
      12 7.5A Spare Fuse
      13 20A (Premium model) 20/30A (Type-S) Cooling Fan
      14 120A Battery
      15 30A Spare Fuse
      16 20A Spare Fuse
      17 15A Hazard
      18 30A ABS Motor
      19 15A ACGS
      20 20A Stop
      21 20A ABS F/S Relay
      22 20A Right Headlight
      23 Not Used
      24 20A Left Headlight
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