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Flipd keeps track of all your productive activities. Join millions of students and productivity enthusiasts in achieving your daily objectives! Log all of your studying, focus, reading, learning, work time, and other activities, analyze your progress, and join free communities!
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Flipd Inc.
Feb 23, 2023
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Smartphones are undeniably useful and capable when it comes to both entertainment and productivity. However, some people just can’t seem to strike a balance between any of these factors. As a result, they spend a significant amount of time during the day playing on their phones and getting distracted from what they’re supposed to do.

Flipd MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

This is why apps like FLIP: Focus Timer for Study are needed to help people overcome their addictions to social media, mobile games, and other unproductive mobile phone uses, or vice versa. In addition, for a more general application with productivity apps, you can use Flipd Focus & Study Timer to stay focused and remove all distractions from whatever sidetracks they’re stuck with.

With our comprehensive reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic mobile application from Flipd Inc.

What exactly does it do?

So, by installing Flipd Focus & Study Timer on your mobile devices, you can take full advantage of its features to eliminate distractions from social media, unwanted notifications, and other applications on your mobile devices. The amazing mobile application will attempt to block distractions from any mobile applications on your Android devices, allowing you to completely focus on whatever tasks you’re working on.

The app will keep you focused and motivated by using scientific methods supported by authentic research. At the same time, your productivity will increase thanks to Flipd’s useful features. Feel free to track your progress and ensure that you’re getting better every day. Utilize the fantastic mobile app to eliminate certain distractions and join online groups to further improve your conditions with other users. All of this should significantly improve your situation.


Those of you interested in Flipd’s exciting application can easily have it available on your mobile devices, as the app is currently free to use on the Google Play Store. However, there are still in-app purchases that you’ll need to make if you want to fully enjoy the app, which can be a little difficult if you only want free apps.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you run the app on Android devices that have the most recent firmware installed, preferably 6.0 or higher. This ensures that the in-app features are fully functional whenever you need them.

And, as with other mobile applications, ensure that Flipd Focus & Study Timer has all of the necessary permissions to fully utilize its features.

Fantastic features

The following are all of the app’s exciting features:

Remove yourself from certain apps.

To begin, Android users in Flipd Focus & Study Timer will be immediately disconnected from distractions on any of your mobile applications and background progresses. You can easily test yourself here by utilizing the Full Lock option, which will completely protect you from distractions in apps and games.

You can also try to create classes that you must adhere to. During these times, the Flipd Focus & Study Timer application will automatically block your access to any selected apps and games. Have fun increasing your focus and engagement in class to improve your learning experiences. More importantly, you can join as many classes as you want in order to maximize your in-app experiences.

Utilize the helpful reminders

When you enable Flipd, you can easily schedule reminders to appear whenever you need to Flipd Off the phone. The intuitive and powerful reminders will put you in the right mindset to put down any distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. Feel free to receive automatic notifications for your classes without having to install anything else. And the app will allow you to keep your Flipd Off for as long as you want. So, feel free to make your own unplug schedules to suit your specific needs.

Motivate yourself with positive experiences.

Flipd’s exciting mobile application will also allow Android users to stay motivated by using the tracking features. Here, you can keep track of the total time spent in Flipd Off mode, giving you a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, if you find yourself getting sidetracked or unmotivated, you can always seek guidance from Flipd’s dozens of wellness resources. As a result, the Sleep Stories, Meditations, and Self-care experiences can be extremely beneficial in motivating you to move forward.

Keep a record of your progress.

Android users will appreciate Flipd’s simple and effective tracking system, which allows you to keep a record of your in-app experiences. Feel free to measure and track your Flipd Off time, which will allow you to track your progress and motivate you to continue. Feel free to record up to 30 days and track your progress in Flipd using the tools provided.

Join the Flipd online community.

Additionally, to ensure that you get the most out of the app and make the most of your Flipd Off sessions, Android users in Flipd can join groups of Flipd Communities online. You can meet other people who are dealing with distractions here. You can help each other discover the better version of yourself if you work together. Have fun competing in multiple challenges in Flipd Focus & Study Timer to improve your in-app features.

Take advantage of our website’s unlocked app.

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the unlocked version of the app on Wamunity, which provides a completely unlocked mobile app with a plethora of available features for you to use. Feel free to connect to Flipd Focus & Study Timer and use the app to enhance your Flipd Off sessions. All you have to do is download and install the Flipd Mod APK, then follow the instructions to get started.

Flipd MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


Flipd is a great mobile app to use if you’re having trouble dealing with distractions. Here, the amazing mobile app provides many of its impressive features, which will motivate and allow you to further utilize them. Most importantly, you’ll have more reasons to enjoy the app thanks to the free and unlocked version available on our website.

What's new

In this exciting new update, productivity just got a little more social!

Here's everything you need to know:
- use the search bar to find your friends & other Flipd users by their username
- follow other users to add them to your feed
- like your friends' activities from the feed
- comment on their activities from the feed
- respond to comments on your own activities
- from your feed, hide or make activities private


Version Size Requirements Date
4.2.3 19.43 MB 6.0 26/01/2023
4.2.3 19.43 MB 6.0 26/01/2023
4.2.2 19.42 MB 6.0 21/12/2022
4.2.1 19.42 MB 6.0 17/11/2022


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