File Manager Pro TV USB OTG MOD APK (Unlocked)


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File Manager Pro TV USB OTG is a powerful file manager with a simple and user-friendly interface. On all Android devices, including Phones, Phablets, Tablets, Watches, TVs, and Chromebooks, File Browser can easily manage storages on your device, USB storages, SD cards, Network storages, cloud storages, and transfer files over WiFi. Only the file explorer supports RTL languages and displays the size of folders across storage devices.
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Feb 17, 2023
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File management on mobile devices can be difficult, so having this useful mobile app File Manager Pro TV USB OTG will definitely come in handy.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG MOD APK (Unlocked)


If you’re looking for a simple and smart file explorer for your mobile devices, File Manager Pro is an excellent choice. The app’s small size and efficient file exploring features will allow you to manage all existing files and folders on your mobile devices effectively. Not to mention how useful the system manager will be in improving your Android usage.

The powerful mobile app from DWorkS allows Android users to take full control of their local storage with simple tools and features. Enter the app with ease and begin managing all of your important files with ease. Take advantage of the powerful tools and easily accessible features to effectively manage your files on the go.

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this awesome mobile application and all of its amazing features.

What exactly does it do?

File Manager Pro provides mobile users with the most convenient and feature-rich mobile app for managing all files and folders on your local storages and shared drives. Have access to all of the standard file management tools, as well as advanced utilities, allowing Android users to make the most of their mobile devices.

File Manager Pro has the most intuitive app UI and accessible features, allowing all Android users to enjoy its features with ease. Utilize the comprehensive tools for file management and system improvement. Working with the intelligent Android library will allow you to easily interact with your files.

Utilize the useful app to gain access to all available libraries and storages. Have easy access to wireless file transfer tools to help you manage your files. Working with the powerful Root file manager will allow you to make the most of your rooted system. The list goes on and on.


If you’re interested, you can now download File Manager Pro’s useful mobile app from the Google Play Store. However, because it is a premium app, there will be an initial payment required to unlock it.

File Manager Pro, like other Android applications, will require certain access permissions from your mobile devices in order to function properly. So, whenever you open the app for the first time, pay attention to the prompting requests. Also, keep your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, which will greatly improve in-app stability.

Fantastic features

The following are all of the app’s exciting features:

App that is easy to use UI and features that are easily accessible

To begin with, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG will have the most user-friendly app interfaces and features, making the mobile application extremely simple to use on all of your mobile devices. Material designs with minimalistic styles and scientific layouts for optimal user experiences are available.

Enjoy comprehensive file management.

For those who are interested, you can now have complete file managements in File Manager Pro TV USB OTG, which allows mobile users to enjoy standard options as well as advanced tools. You may use the app to move, cut, delete, rename, compress, extract, and manage your files in any way you see fit. At the same time, feel free to use the integrated tools to open and interact with your various files as you see fit.

Use all of your smart devices.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG provides Android users with a fully-featured all-in-one manager tool that should be available for all of their smart devices. You can use the app on phones, tablets, phablets, and even Android TVs and Watch OS systems. Most importantly, a web version of File Manager Pro TV USB OTG will be available on your laptop and PC browser. As a result, mobile users can always enjoy their multi-platform usages while on the go.

Have a look at the smart library.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG will allow Android users to take advantage of its smart library explorer, which automatically categorizes files into different menus and collections for easy navigation. Files can be categorized as Downloads, Bluetooth Received, Images, Pictures, Camera Photos, Videos, Movies, Audio, Music, Documents, Archived, and others. All of this makes it extremely simple for all File Manager Pro TV USB OTG users to locate their files and folders.

Have access to all external storage locations.

All of your internal and external storages will be instantly accessible with File Manager Pro TV USB OTG. Enter the app and double-check that the storages are properly connected. Beginning with your internal storage, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG can also allow you to access files on SD cards, EMMC, MMC cars, phone memory, USB storage, flash drive, pen drives, USB OTG connected storages, and other devices. All of this will make File Manager Pro TV USB OTG far more functional and useful for everyone.

Take advantage of network file transfer between devices.

Those who are interested can now enjoy the most incredible File Manager Pro TV USB OTG mobile app, which will allow you to easily transfer files between your devices. You can connect to other smart devices, whether they use the app or not, from this page. You can even gain access to your computer by using simple FTP servers. Simply enable the feature and provide the links to your devices to enjoy FTP and FTPS connections while on the go.

Manage all of your files in Cloud Storage.

With the cloud drives, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG allows you to manage all of your files while on the go. Mobile users can use File Manager Pro TV USB OTG to create folders, upload, download, and delete files directly. Simply connect the appropriate cloud storages to the app in order to enable in-app file management.

Use the Root File Manager to its full potential.

For those who are interested, the most incredible ROOT file explorer is now available on any of your unlocked devices. Here, you can use your advanced user permissions to easily explore, interact with, and manage your various files. Use the unlocked system and its root explorer to get the most out of your in-app experiences.

Have fun working with the TV storages.

Android users will find the most incredible TV file manager in File Manager Pro TV USB OTG. Using File Manager Pro TV USB OTG, you can browse internal TV storages via the connected mobile devices. To interact with and manage your TV files, feel free to use all of the standard file management settings and options. Most importantly, you can now browse the media and watch movies from your local storage on the larger screen.

You can access your Watch storages.

At the same time, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG users can connect the app to their smart watches. The app here supports your entire Watch OS system, including many useful features for file management and system optimization. Use your Watch OS devices to manage the app and the system as needed.

Local media can be viewed on Chromecast devices.

Using Chromecast, you can easily stream all of your local media on mobile devices to a supported device. You can play local media at higher resolutions, with better image quality, and on a more immersive display.

RAM and Junk Cleaner can help you clean up your system.

If you’re interested, you can now enjoy cleaning up your Android system with the quick and easy features in File Manager Pro TV USB OTG. Here, it’s possible for you to use powerful tools to clean up your system on the fly. With the advanced Junk Cleaner, you can remove all junks, unnecessary caches, unused app data, and more. Boost and optimize your mobile system’s performance with the powerful RAM Booster. The list goes on and on.

Utilize the built-in App Manager.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG’s inbuilt App Manager gives Android users complete access to all installed applications on their mobile devices. Please feel free to use the tool to browse all available apps on your devices. Use the convenient tools to easily manage, edit, move, install, and uninstall your various applications. You can also use the App Process menu to manage all of the current background instances and app processes.

Have a handy document editor on hand.

For those who are interested, you can now obtain the most useful document editor, which allows you to select and open any existing text files on the system. File Manager Pro TV USB OTG offers complete support for your HTML, XHTML, TXT, and other files. Simply select any of the files and use the built-in tools to open them directly within File Manager Pro TV USB OTG. Feel free to make your own changes and personalize the files.

Easily organize your media files

Android users will have the perfect tools to organize their media files and make the most of their in-app experiences with File Manager Pro TV USB OTG. Feel free to organize your media into different categories such as Photos, Gifs, Videos, Audio, Stickers, Documents, and everything else. All of this makes File Manager Pro TV USB OTG an excellent app for all of you.

Completely effortless file transfer

For those who are interested, the Easy-share feature allows you to easily transfer files between connected mobile devices. The app allows you to connect to multiple devices and perform multiple transfer processes while connected to Wi-Fi. All that is required is that the two devices be connected to the same network.

Make use of various theme settings.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG, like ES File Explorer and FX File Explorer, offers a plethora of interesting theme options for mobile users to work with. You will have no trouble selecting your various theme settings to change the UI colors and app layouts to your liking. Make use of the app’s simple Dark and Light themes whenever you want to improve your in-app experiences.

Enjoy our website’s free and unlocked app.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in this awesome File Manager Pro TV USB OTG mobile app but don’t want to pay for downloads, you can totally enjoy the free version of the app on our website instead. Here, we provide the Paid for free version of File Manager Pro TV USB OTG for all Android users to easily download and install. All you have to do is download the File Manager Pro TV USB OTG Mod APK and follow the instructions.

File Manager Pro TV USB OTG MOD APK (Unlocked)

Last words

With useful features and convenient tools, File Manager Pro TV USB OTG will make a great mobile app for all Android users to enjoy working with. Simply launch the app and begin utilizing its numerous features to gain complete control over your storages, Android system performance, and more.

What's new

* Minor UI fixes and crash fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
5.2.3 - Varies with device 16/01/2023


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