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Criminal Case is the most popular free hidden object game! Are you prepared to solve murders?
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Mar 2, 2022
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Have you ever wondered how the brilliant detectives solve their perplexing cases? More specifically, how could they gather and examine critical evidence? How do you know if someone is guilty or not? And so forth.

Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)

Immerse yourself in this thrilling and addictive crime investigation adventure and puzzle-solving game. Assist the police in solving multiple crimes that occur throughout the town to become a great detective.

The game is not for the faint of heart, as you will be introduced to some of the most gruesome aspects of this particular job. However, if you want to be a detective and are willing to take any risks to bring the criminals to justice, this is the game for you.

With our reviews, you can learn more about this amazing Pretty Simple game.


The game takes players to the town of Grimsborough, where numerous criminal activities have recently occurred, causing terror and concern among the citizens. The police force requires a capable detective who can solve difficult cases and bring criminals to justice.

Your job is to investigate a series of murders with undetermined motives. It is your responsibility to go to crime scenes and investigate the suspect evidence. Collect the key evidences and delegate the analysis to the analyzing team.

They will then draw conclusions about the criminals based on the evidence provided. It will then be up to you to make the correct decision and apprehend the criminals.


All of the exciting features of the game can be found here:

Create your own private investigator.

To begin, players can create their own detective and embark on their own journey. That being said, you must select your gender, facial characteristics, unique names, and so on. With Criminal Case, you are free to create your own characters.

In the game, you’ll come across a variety of characters.

The game introduces players to a variety of characters, each with their own backstory and role in the game’s plot. When you are having difficulty solving certain cases, you should turn to these people. They can provide crucial hints that will be decisive factors in the investigation of the crimes.

Interrogate the suspects deftly to find the criminals.

The best part is that you’ll be able to investigate the suspects just like a real detective. Use your wits and cunning to corner the suspects and bring the real criminals to justice. With a list of questions to ask the suspects, it’s important to pick the best ones so you can learn something from their responses.

You end up investigating hundreds of different crime scenes.

Fans of drama and investigation stories will undoubtedly enjoy their new adventures in Criminal Case. You’ll be able to access hundreds of different crime scenes in the game from here. Find yourself involved in a variety of mysterious cases that will require a significant amount of effort to solve.

Spend time taking care of the various cases that are assigned to you as you gradually unravel the mystery behind the grim city and corrupted officials. Discover much larger secrets than you imagined.

Maintain your focus and examine the most important evidences.

As previously stated, the game introduces players to a variety of crime scenes. You must use your investigation skills and abilities to gather important clues and examine various ones in order to reach the correct conclusions. With so many distractions in the crime scenes, you’ll have to decide which ones to believe.

Determine the perpetrators based on the evidence and clues.

And now that you’ve reached your conclusion, it’s time to bring the accused to the trial, where they’ll be found guilty by the judge and jury. Deliver your undeniable evidence so that a criminal cannot deny his crime against the people.

Several mini-games for basic investigations

To keep the game from becoming too serious, the creators of Criminal Case include a slew of exciting mini-games for players to enjoy. Having said that, you can pick up the find the items challenges while looking for evidences. Alternatively, matching destroyed evidence to turn in an intact one.

Investigate the efficacy of modern technologies.

Furthermore, modern technologies and the professional skills of the analyzers will allow you to access the most reliable analysis about the given evidences to assist our detectives in their investigations. Find out when and how the crimes occurred, or use useful clues to narrow down the suspect list. This would make a huge difference in investigations.

Have fun playing the game with your friends.

The game introduces players to exciting investigation gameplay that can be shared with friends. Simply connect the game to your social network to see your friends who are also playing. Discover the progressions and compete for the highest scores. Discover who the better detective is in Criminal Case.

It’s completely free to play.

The game is currently available for free to all Android users. To begin playing, simply go to the Google Play Store and download it to your devices. The game, however, will have limited energy and in-app purchases that will slow you down. While some people won’t mind, if you’re desperate to finish the stories, you can also download our modified version of the game.

With our mods, you can make things easier.

That being said, simply download the Criminal Case Mod APK from our website to begin playing with unlimited resources. There will be no limited energy, so you can investigate the crimes for as long as you want. Furthermore, we offer an unlimited number of hints, allowing you to gather easy evidence. But don’t go overboard, or the game will become less enjoyable.

Visual and audio quality

Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)


Throughout Criminal Case, you’ll have access to a series of stunning hand-drawn images that will introduce you to the accurate crime scenes. With every detail meticulously recreated, you’ll have no trouble finding the correct pieces of evidence.


Dive into the world of respected law enforcers as you protect the people of Grimsborough from rising crime. As you progress through the game’s events, you will encounter immersive and thrilling sound effects.

Download the most recent version of Criminal Case Mod for Android.

If you enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles, Criminal Case should be a great game to play. Just keep in mind that this is not a challenge for the faint of heart.



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