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Calm is the most popular app for sleeping, meditation, and relaxation. Manage stress, maintain mood balance, sleep better, and refocus your attention. Our extensive library includes guided meditation, Sleep Stories, soundscapes, breathwork, and stretching exercises. Calm can help you practice self-healing and discover a happier you.
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The Calm app is a fantastic app that incorporates many features such as meditation instruction, breathing, relaxation, reading, music, and relaxing effects. There are various sound effects to help users relax and sleep well.

Calm MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Calm is the app that top psychologists, therapists, and mental health professionals recommend. The app uses guided meditation exercises, sleep stories, breathing exercises, stretching exercises, and relaxing music to help reduce stress and anxiety. Calm is ideal for beginners, but it also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users.

There have recently been a large number of applications of this type on the Appstore. Calm, on the other hand, has more rich content, is constantly updating new content, and has a beautiful, intuitive interface. Calm will put you into a deep and peaceful sleep, drift off to the land of dreams, and wake up with a refreshing spirit, thanks to hundreds of exclusive lullabies for both adults and children told by famous talents.

Calm will provide a daily 10-minute Daily Calm program to help users relax before bed or have a productive workday. There is also a seven-day and a 21-day mindfulness program for beginners and advanced users. There are also exercises to relax the body during the day that are performed to soothing music by world-renowned experts. Download Calm from this link to experience effective relaxation, get a good night’s sleep, and improve your life.

Information in General

Calm, a fast-growing meditation app launched in 2012, was named Apple’s “App of the Year 2017” with over 1 million paid subscriptions and 40 million app downloads. This app’s goal is to solve modern social problems such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Meditation practice has tripled in recent years, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It has resulted in the most recent phenomenon in relaxation and meditation technology applications.

Calm charges a monthly subscription fee of $5. It offers a full year plan with various programs (over 100 hours of audio instruction) to help customers reduce anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Calm’s content “Sleep Stories” is read by celebrities such as actor Matthew McConaughey and artist Bob Ross.

Calm MOD APK has the following outstanding features:

  • Learn to meditate by following basic training tutorials. You will quickly learn how to calm your mind in just seven days.
  • With 21-day advanced exercises, you can practice more profound meditation (subscription only).
  • With the included training guide, you can improve your sleep in seven days.
  • Choose timed meditation exercises that last 2 to 30 minutes, depending on how long you want to meditate.
  • Choose your favorite nature wallpaper to help you focus more quickly.
  • Sixteen tracks were hand-picked by experts.
  • The app can help you improve your concentration, creativity, energy, confidence, and sleep, among other things.
  • Every month, new content is added.

Background Information

Calm also provides meditation tutorials as well as relaxation sounds. Calm added new products, such as the relaxing Sleep Mist essential oil blend, as the company expanded, and Calm Book summarized the lessons in the application. Calm also intends to expand the reach of their relaxation tools by investing in XpresSpa, a spa brand and chain store with locations in many airports.

Calm is one startup that recently attracted the attention of investment funds for its support of mindful lifestyles. Not only has the company made significant profits in recent years, but it also announced earlier this year that it was the first unicorn startup (valued at $1 billion) in the mental health sector. It is an outstanding achievement for a team of only 50 people.

Calm recently completed a $88 million Series B funding round. “We will expand into international markets, invest more in priority content, and continue our mission to make the world healthier and happier,” said Alex Tew, co-founder and co-CEO of Calm.

Aside from Calm, Shine has raised $5 million in investment in the messaging app to encourage the spirit in the last year, and BioBeats has raised $3 million to help people fight stress through breathing exercises and meditation. Many other notable names in this field include Simple Habit and Meditopia.

“There was a lot of skepticism about this business just a few years ago,” said Acton Smith, Calm’s co-founder. People are skeptical and are unsure whether or not users will pay for this service. We have demonstrated this convincingly through increased user numbers and sales.

It is a profitable business with high margins and a large market. If the fitness market is booming and worth billions of dollars, there is no reason why the mental health market cannot follow suit.

It began as a meditation app, but the startup’s goals and ambitions extend far beyond that. “Our vision is to build one of the most valuable and meaningful brands of the twenty-first century,” said Acton Smith, the company’s founder. Smith also has big plans for Calm, such as opening a Calm hotel or buying an island to build the world’s most relaxing resort.

Unique Features

Let’s talk about the Calm app for a minute. Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew created this app in 2012. In 2017, this application received $1.5 million from an angel investment fund and was named Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2017. On the app stores, the app has received over 12 million downloads.

The Primary Interface

Calm advised users to take a deep breath as soon as the app was released by the developer. Breathing is critical for anyone who participates in sports, yoga, or meditation. They understand that breathing is an important factor in helping us concentrate, relax, and perform better at work.

After entering the central section, we will hear the software’s background music, which will provide us with a very comfortable feeling. Swiping left or right allows you to change the background music. The background music is different. You can switch from the sound of running water to the sound of lightning based on the avatar pictures. You can also change the volume of the background music in the settings.

Daily Peace

The first Daily Calm entry appears quickly. Calm offers a new breathing and meditation tutorial to users every day. These lessons are typically 10 minutes long and taught in English, making them simple to listen to and practice.

You should practice for 10 minutes in the morning every day to feel perfect. If you enjoy the tutorial, please click the heart to save it. The tutorial’s soundtrack also has a separate volume that can be customized.

Stories About Sleep

Calm’s bottom menu contains a plethora of tabbed items. Sleep Stories is the first tab. When you go inside, you will see the entire story of Tab is Sleep. This section contains stories told by inspirational voices that will assist listeners in falling asleep.

If you listen to audiobooks at night, this will most likely be your favorite. You can also download any of the readings if you like them. Then save it to your computer to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet.

This Sleep Stories tab contains a number of small sections, including the kid’s account, the children’s story, and the ASRM tab. If you are unfamiliar with ASRM, you can take a test on YouTube. It’s a sound effect that sounds like a whisper in your ear and is extremely addictive. Furthermore, users can search for content by author. Items available offline will serve as a repository for the content we have downloaded.


The next tab is the Meditate Tab. Users with multi-day listening and practice sequences must be patient in this area. You can practice a variety of topics based on your needs. When a lesson is finished, the next post is opened, and Calm monitors the user’s exercise progress.

There are also numerous insignificant items in this category. Calm also divides the beginner’s section carefully with quick exercises that only take 1-2 days. Some lessons will take nearly a month to complete. It is also an excellent section for anyone who is stressed at work, and we believe you should take a look at it.


The final Music tab is the one we prefer. There are a lot of music and sound effects here to help you fall asleep quickly. The Nature Melodies section contains many of our favorite sounds. This location synthesizes natural sounds, such as falling rain, and is meticulously recorded to be realistic.

Masterclass in Calm, Breath, and Scene

If you think it’s all about Calm, you’re mistaken. More exciting options will be available when we click the More tab. The first is the Calm Masterclass section, which includes experts and numerous articles on a variety of topics. The lessons on this page are constantly updated for users to follow.

The next section is the Breath, which includes a variety of breathing exercises. If you find the meditations difficult to learn, you can practice breathing with this section. Inhale, hold, and exhale in the rhythm of the software. It only takes a few minutes to get into the groove.

And the Scene item is where you can select the background music. You can change the volume of the background music and allow the phone to play music even when it’s not in the Calm app.

Overall, Calm stands out among the many apps available. If you have a lot of money, go back and enjoy it. You can also use apps like Oak, Zen, or Meditopia if you want something simpler.

The Current State of the Meditation App Market

The author discovered three main characteristics of the meditation market through data analysis and observation of head products. The overall penetration rate of online mobile products in the meditation industry is low.

According to Sensor Tower data, the total revenue of the Top10 meditation apps in 2019 was US$195 million, indicating that the head effect is already evident in the Top 10 products. Global meditation app revenue is likely to be between $200 million and $300 million. When combined with Data Bridge data, the penetration rate of online mobile products is around 10%. In comparison, mobile games accounted for 46% of total revenue in the game industry in 2019.

We can divide the low penetration rate into two categories: pros and cons. One possibility is that meditation apps still have a lot of room for growth, and that users may have a greater demand for meditation activities offline. We included this point in the “Exploration of Monetization Mode” section to discuss.

There are many players in the market, but the head effect is obvious.

Despite the fact that there are numerous meditation apps on the market, only Calm and Headspace are on the rise. In terms of revenue and downloads, both products are in the top two. It is worth noting that this occurred in 2019. The total income accounts for 75.10% of the total revenue of the top ten meditation apps worldwide.

According to a recent Apptopia report, Calm in the United States had a significantly longer session than other products during the epidemic.

Business model: based on brand marketing and subscription monetization.

The monetization models of international meditation apps are straightforward, and several head products generate income primarily through membership subscriptions. In terms of pricing, a one-year subscription for $60 is the standard.

Perhaps this is the reason for the small audience positioning. Most meditation apps do not rely on advertising to generate revenue. According to AppGrowing’s international version statistics, Calm, which had the most ads in the world in May, only had 297 advertisements.

Marketing for head products such as Calm, Meditopia, and Headspace entails creating brand images through cross-border collaboration with well-known celebrities or brands in order to entice more users to pay for subscriptions.

For example, Headspace became an official partner of the NBA and created a section called Performance Mindset, which featured interviews with four NBA stars about meditation. Calm also includes an audio course by NBA star LeBron James.

Calm MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Words

Calm is the best mind and meditation app for bringing happiness into your life. Begin your journey to becoming a more relaxed person with Calm MOD APK, a popular app recommended by The New York Times.

Meditation sessions can last 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes. You can relax by selecting meditations of the appropriate length for your schedule. The meditation session topics help you relax and cleanse your mind and body by reducing anxiety, managing stress, deep sleep, concentration, happiness, love, altruism, and self-esteem.

Calm is another popular application that comes with natural sounds, pictures, and step-by-step, meticulous instructions for peace of mind. The publisher of this app, in particular, confirms that new content will be added every month.

What's new

Thanks for using Calm! This update contains multiple bug fixes and performance improvements. As always, you can expect an original Daily Calm every day, new music and Sleep Stories every week, and new Meditation programs every month.


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