Apple Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


With responsive touch controls, natural animation, and fluid movement, Apple Knight is a cutting-edge action platformer. Dig deep into vast worlds to uncover hidden quests and treasure. Take down challenging upper-level bosses. Combat legions of villainous sorcerers, knights, and monsters, or set up traps to eliminate them from a distance.
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Jun 3, 2023
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Those who enjoyed Limitless’s previous mobile title, Dan the Man, and are looking for more similar content, will be pleased to hear that they can do so with this new release. Enjoy the ultimate in-game adventures of Apple Knight as you help our hero on his quests to vanquish evil and restore peace to the lands.

Apple Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The game’s interesting pixelated in-game visuals and familiar action platformer elements will hook you from the get-go in this casual mobile offering. Participate in the fantastic in-game world, full of fun levels and challenging foes. Let your curiosity lead you on exciting and rewarding journeys. Get more power for your heroes and use it to activate new skills. Have a fantastic time exploring Apple Knight’s exciting world.

Read our in-depth reviews to learn everything there is to know about this fantastic mobile game!


Apple Knight gives Android users the opportunity to side with our burgeoning hero as he embarks on his ultimate quests to vanquish evil and usher in a time of true peace across the land. Take on a wide variety of foes, from monsters and dragons to bandits and the champions of your enemies, to level up your action game.

Apple Knight adds the fun and excitement of a classic action platformer to the Android gaming experience, ensuring that players of all skill levels will have a blast engaging in all sorts of awesome in-game adventures and interesting actions. You can go on quests that take you to dangerous places like dungeons, forests, and volcanoes.

Also, Apple Knight provides its players with fluid touch controls and fluid animations to ensure that they have a great time while playing the action gameplay.


In this article, we will go over all the cool stuff that the game has to offer:

Easy-to-use interface with touch-screen navigation

Apple Knight is a fantastic mobile game for Android devices because the controls are intuitive and can be adjusted to fit the player’s hand. The game features exciting action gameplay. Use any of the game’s six customizable touchscreen control schemes to fine-tune your experience. Of course, those who have a dedicated gamepad can also use it to enhance their experience. Chromebooks and Samsung DeX, both of which use keyboards, will also get full support for their physical and touch buttons. This means that Android users can have a great time playing games on their portable devices.

Captivating gameplay paired with intriguing environments.

In Apple Knight, Android players can enjoy engaging storylines that take them to fantastic worlds with their own special environments and exciting quests. Challenge yourself in over 40 unique levels, swarming with enemies and towering bosses. You’ll never get bored of your journeys because of the increasing challenges you’ll face.

Uncover the hidden areas to receive additional benefits.

If you’re curious, there are many hidden areas in each level of Apple Knight that offer additional opportunities for the game’s awesome gameplay. Special rewards and side quests, distinct from the main game, are up for grabs here. Thus, Android users are given more ways to enjoy their game of choice.

Incredible heroes each with their own arsenal and set of skills

Android players can now equip their heroes with a wide variety of powerful upgrades, greatly expanding the gameplay experience. Gain experience and level them up to improve their stats and access new abilities. Try out a variety of weapons, each of which will lend itself to its own fighting style and storyline. All of which will guarantee that your time spent traversing action platformers is enjoyable.

Challenges from intriguing adversaries

Apple Knight encourages players to relax and enjoy themselves while taking on a variety of unique enemies using a variety of game-specific mechanics. In combat, these should make it possible to have memorable encounters with each foe. This means you can fully utilize your impressive arsenal while engaging in exciting in-game experiences.

Apply unique skins to your heroes.

Those of you who are interested can now freely outfit your heroes with a wide variety of skins, giving them their own distinct appearances. To enhance their already fantastic appearances, have fun trying on a variety of outfits before setting out on your ultimate adventures.

Additional fun platforming features.

Android players can now take advantage of exciting new features in platformer games that will enhance their experience. Explore the fantastic double jump, exciting challenges, thrilling wall climbing adventures, and addicting ledge hanging tricks. All of which will heighten your sense of immersion in the settings.

Acquire critters and take them on your travels.

Gamers in Apple Knight can acquire pets as they progress through the game and take them into battle with them as companions. Pick up and bring along any pet you like, and use its special abilities to your advantage in the game. Strengthen your combined forces by empowering and allying with them.

Make sure you never lose your game data.

With Apple Knight’s cloud save feature, you never have to worry about losing your game data. All you have to do is link the game to your Google Play Services account and permit the game to sync with your cloud storage. In the event that you lose your phone or delete the data by accident, you can easily get back to where you left off.

Get some offline gaming in.

Apple Knight ensures that Android players can have as much fun as possible with their action platformer by including support for offline play. You can learn about a lot of its cool functions without ever connecting to the Internet. Because of this, you can play the game whenever and wherever you like.

Accomplish goals and receive unique benefits

Apple Knight is a fun Android game with a ton of unlockable content and trophies to earn. Please take advantage of these special features and have fun playing the game.

It’s Free to Play

Apple Knight is now available for free on the Google Play Store, so anyone who’s interested can get in on the action. Enjoy Apple Knight to the fullest by making the most of its features.

Play to your heart’s content with our customized version.

Our tweaked version of Apple Knight will be a great help if you’re experiencing issues with in-app purchases and advertisements. To fully experience the game, you must first access all of its regions. The same can be said of the game’s virtual currency, which can be spent as freely as you like. Finally, not having to worry about annoying advertisements will allow you to concentrate on playing this great mobile game. We provide a link to the Apple Knight Mod APK, which can be downloaded and installed on your device.

Image and sound quality

Apple Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Apple Knight is an awesome action platformer with gorgeous, interactive pixel art environments waiting to be explored. Enjoy the platformer stages to the fullest with the help of the game’s realistic physics and fluid animations. Feel different emotions throughout the game as you progress through the on-theme levels. And that’s why you can finally enjoy Apple Knight to its fullest.

Sound Quality

In addition to its captivating visuals, the game also features a slew of memorable musical scores and unique sound effects. Here, you’re free to dive headfirst into the most epic of your in-game adventures and experience the thrill of action to its fullest.

Concluding Ideas

Apple Knight, an action platformer for Android, is sure to impress mobile gamers with its accessible design and fun gameplay. Participate in thrilling quests and marvel at the varied and challenging adversaries you’ll face in-game. Have a good time with a variety of levels, each with its own unique features and increasing challenge. Learn more about the game’s interesting and useful settings. The best part is that you can play the full game without paying anything by downloading the unlocked version from our website.

What's new

- All skins can now be purchased using coins - no more premium skins!
- Significantly reduced the cost of skins as a way to express our gratitude to everyone!
- Support for Android 7
- Other improvements and bug fixes

Version: 23403


Version Size Requirements Date
2.3.3 82.81 MB 9 07/05/2023
2.3.2 92.44 MB 9 29/12/2022


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