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AdGuard Content Blocker is a free Android app that blocks ads in Yandex and Samsung Internet mobile browsers without requiring root access. This AdGuard ad-blocking app only works in these two web browsers.
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Mar 31, 2022
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Ads can be extremely annoying for the majority of Android users. Consider yourself in a hurry and forced to scroll through the annoying ads on your Android apps or browser. How upsetting could it be? As a result, many Android users want to install an ad blocker on their system to eliminate the annoyance. And what could be more appropriate for effective ad blocking than Adguard Premium?

AdGuard MOD APK (PRO Unlocked)

What exactly does it do?

Not only does the app block unwanted advertisements on online websites, but it also allows users to remove ads from any applications that they have installed on their devices. This will improve your overall experience while also making your phone run faster and smoother because it will not be slowed down by some unwanted ads.


The majority of the Adguard Premium features do not require your phone to be rooted, making the app extremely accessible even to inexperienced users. The mod version on our website has also been reduced in size and performance, making it usable even on low-end devices. If you want to use more advanced features, you should root your phone first to ensure the desired result.

Fantastic features

As one of the few ad blockers that most Android users recommend, the Adguard must have some incredible features. Here are some awesome features that will undoubtedly pique your interest when it comes to ad blocking:

Ads from any source are blocked.

To begin with, the ability to remove advertisements from all sources distinguishes this app from other ad blockers. Unlike other apps that only support ad blocking on specific browsers, Adguard Premium allows users to remove unwanted ads from all sources. As a result, you can use it to remove ads from apps, games, browsers, and any website you want.

Furthermore, the large collection of different filters allows you to perform effective ad blocking in a variety of situations and platforms. As a result, it is preferred by the majority of Android users. Adguard, unlike other ad blockers, does not require your devices to be rooted. In fact, because it employs a novel blocking feature that entails the use of a VPN and a proxy server, you can block ads without the need for root access. Furthermore, the app allows you to select which websites and apps to add to the whitelist and blacklist.

Keep trackers away from your data.

Access to the internet also means that your personal information is vulnerable to online trackers. Although some may be unconcerned about this and consider it to be the norm, some users can be quite skeptical when it comes to protecting their privacy. Adguard recognizes this and allows its users to remain completely anonymous on the Internet without being tracked or followed. Furthermore, your personal password and any other forms of input would be encrypted, making them invisible to others.

Improve the device’s performance.

Your devices will require less hardware capacity to function as a result of having fewer ads on your system. As a result, your phone will be faster and have more free storage space. Furthermore, having fewer ads on your website means consuming fewer traffic resources. As a result, using Adguard will save you a significant amount of internet traffic. Furthermore, having fewer ads allows websites to load faster, improving overall browser performance.

AdGuard Content Blocker has more features.

If you visit the Google Play Store, you will most likely only be able to access Adguard Content Blocker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a good ad blocking app for Android. When compared to Adguard Premium, the Adguard Content Blocker appears insignificant. It can only support phones that use the Yandex browser or the Samsung Internet Explorer. Furthermore, you will be unable to hide advertisements in Android apps. This is primarily due to Google’s restrictive advertisement policies, which is also why Adguard Premium is not available on Google Play.

Regular updates and bug fixes

The Adguard Premium is updated on a regular basis to ensure its functionality and performance. As a result, your ad blocker will remain relatively up to date in order to deal with new and emerging techniques. Furthermore, thanks to recent fixes from the development team, the auto-pause problem is no longer present for those running Android 6 or lower. Furthermore, with each version, the app becomes faster and more effective, which we greatly appreciate.

Only English and Russian are available.

Because the app is currently only available in English and Russian, those who do not speak either of those languages may have difficulty getting used to the features. However, there are already dozens of online tutorials on how to set up your ad blocker, so you should have no trouble. It may take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll find the Adguard Premium to be extremely effective.

AdGuard MOD APK (PRO Unlocked)

Download the most recent Adguard Premium Android APK.

Adguard Premium is an excellent choice for those looking for a useful app to help them get rid of the annoying ads on their Android devices. Given the fantastic features it offers, you are unlikely to be disappointed if you have this ad blocker installed on your devices.

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