2GIS MOD APK (Ads Removed)

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The 2GIS app provides a comprehensive directory, city maps, and a wayfinding system for motorists and pedestrians. You can use it online or save it to your device to ensure you'll never get lost even if you don't have access to the web.
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Jan 13, 2023
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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Without an Internet connection and no matter where you are, 2GIS can help you find your location on a map if you ever get lost.

2GIS MOD APK (Ads Removed)


Having a digital map app on your mobile device is essential for modern navigation. However, most modern navigation applications will need a constant Internet connection. You don’t have a lot of options if you want a robust navigational aid that doesn’t rely on an active Internet connection.

However, there are still excellent choices when it comes to offline maps and navigations, and 2GIS is one of them. You won’t have any trouble getting around or staying on track thanks to the map’s user-friendliness and the app’s intuitive UI and features. It’s great that you can use the app whenever you like without having to connect to the Internet.

Use our in-depth reviews to learn more about the many benefits of using this fantastic mobile app by 2GIS.

It does what, exactly?

Android users will find the best offline map available in 2GIS, perfect for navigating a variety of situations while traveling. You can use the helpful mobile app anytime you want to see where things are right now, get directions, and travel around with ease.

The intuitive tools and user-friendly interface will help you quickly grasp your map data. You can learn a lot more about where you’re going by using 2GIS, an excellent mobile app. Take advantage of the detailed map information to confidently navigate the roads. Take advantage of the navigator and have fun driving without having to constantly check your directions.

2GIS provides you with the most recent information on happenings on the roads. If you’re going to be taking public transportation, the app is a must-have. If you prefer to walk to your destination, use the suggested routes. Indulge in a mobile navigating experience tailored specifically to the needs of truck drivers. It’s a long list.


Downloading the free version of 2GIS from the Google Play Store is now an option for those who are interested; this app is presumably available to all users without charging them for access. Enter the app’s interface and immediately begin making use of its functionalities. You should know that the free version of the app will be accompanied by intrusive advertisements.

You should be prompted to grant 2GIS the necessary permissions from your mobile system the first time you launch the app, as is standard practice for Android apps. If you want the latest and greatest 2GIS functionality, it’s important to think about and implement the requests. Make sure your mobile devices’ firmware is always up-to-date for the best in-app stability and version compatibility.

Awesome attributes

What follows is a list of all the cool stuff the app can do:

friendly interface and easily accessible options

Users new to 2GIS won’t have any trouble getting acclimated to the software’s fantastic mobile app. Appreciate the simplest possible user interface and easy access to all of the app’s features so that you can get things done quickly and easily. Upon entering, you are presented with an overview of this area’s detailed map. Explore the various available options; they’re very simple to use.

In a variety of your cities

Those who own Android devices will find 2GIS to be the ideal mobile tool for offline navigations in cities across Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and more. You can use the app without an internet connection and with pinpoint accuracy to travel to any of the 91+ cities it covers.

Learn your way around quickly

With 2GIS, Android users will have access to the most accurate and up-to-date map available. Here, the app zeroes in on the structures and roads so that you can pinpoint your exact location and the places you intend to go. The app makes it easy to get around new areas by displaying pertinent data like addresses, entrances, zip codes, and more.

Hold your respective ground like never before

Users of 2GIS won’t get lost because it has the most comprehensive directories available. Feel free to enter the app to get instant access to information like business hours, social media links, websites, and door locations. You can also view images of businesses, buildings, and specific locations, in addition to reading reviews written by real 2GIS users. Therefore, giving you the best possible mobile experiences.

Appreciate the finest available map.

Any 2GIS user interested in doing so can now do so using the most precise map available. Users are able to quickly and easily navigate to their desired locations thanks to the detailed maps and sophisticated route finding tools provided. You’ll be able to locate areas, buildings, streets, bus stops, metro stations, gas stations, sports grounds, and more thanks to the map’s incredible level of detail.

Don’t waste the helpful navigator.

Speaking of which, 2GIS’s built-in navigator makes it easy to plot the most direct course to any number of predetermined locations. With 2GIS, you’ll have multiple options for reaching your destination, based on real-time information about traffic, road signs, construction, tolls, and other road difficulties. You can choose the best ones based on your own tastes.

Get in-depth accounts of accidents and other incidents on the road.

The app will also provide you with the most recent information on traffic incidents as soon as it becomes available. Users can get the latest information on traffic conditions, road closures, and other hazards, straight from the source. Which means you can travel on the roads with much more ease and peace of mind.

Find helpful public transportation options.

Users of 2GIS will have the world’s best route-planning tools and features at their fingertips thanks to the inclusion of a wide variety of useful public transportation options. Here, the app provides the up-to-date schedules and online routes of specific public transportation options, from which you can choose when and which option you’d like to take.

Use the easily accessible pathways.

The convenient walking map is now available to anyone who is interested. Here, the app’s features and tools are designed to facilitate your on-foot travels. You can quickly get where you need to go just by walking by using the path searches and selections provided. Take advantage of this function to the fullest by keeping it active in the background and making use of the voiced guides.

Use the travel resources available to you.

Those curious about seeing the world can do so with the help of 2GIS’s user-friendly travel guides. Take advantage of the city guides to learn about the top sights, get suggestions on where to eat, and locate hotspots with free Internet access quickly.

A helpful truck-specific mobile navigation system

This mobile app has been improved with specific tools for truck drivers. Use the robust tools at your disposal to skim quickly through various routes and select the rides that suit you best. If you enabled this function, navigating with cargo would be much simpler.

Feel at ease knowing your smart watches will work flawlessly with the system.

And if you happen to be carrying around a smartwatch, 2GIS will help you enhance your navigational experiences with a number of fantastic features, much like Yandex Navigator. Use the fantastic app on your Wear OS or Apple Watch for convenient on-screen controls. Take advantage of the reliable time estimates provided. Learn of impending road hazards, such as accidents and speed cameras, and how to best prepare for them. It’s a long list.

You can use our free add-on if you’d like.

Finally, our modified version of 2GIS may be a better option for you if you’re considering downloading the free app but don’t want to put up with the constant advertisements. The Ad-Free app is available for free download and installation right here on our site. To get started, download the 2GIS Mod APK from our site and install it according to the instructions.

2GIS MOD APK (Ads Removed)

Closing Remarks

The helpful 2GIS mobile app will come in handy if you ever get lost while driving and need precise directions. This cutting-edge mobile app does more than just get you where you need to go; in addition to providing precise directions and detailed map information, it also lets you travel without an internet connection whenever you like. As a result, it’s a fantastic resource for tourists.

What's new

In the first update of the year, we've added the car-sharing layer. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, you can now view available cars from our partners Delimobil and Citydrive — all on the same map. Select a car and start your trip (and get directions from 2GIS, of course).

Also, we've fixed some bugs, improved tips on routes, and tweaked the design of company cards a bit.

Happy New Year!


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